What are the Benefits of Using Facebook Video Ads?

Depending on your market audience, Facebook may not be everyone’s first choice for social media advertising. However, if you’re utilising video as part of your marketing strategy, Facebook is an absolute goldmine for generating leads and sales for your business. We’d go as far as to say that Facebook is one of the more popular video-sharing platforms in the social media world.

Video content consumption isn’t slowing down anytime soon and is set to dominate consumer internet traffic by 2022. This is why you shouldn’t look past video marketing campaigns in general. However, if you want a powerful, flexible and influential video marketing platform, look no further than Facebook video ads.

Impact of Facebook Video Advertising

Using Facebook Video Ads
Above is a screenshot of the PPC campaign that we ran for Golf Escapes. The campaign generated over 300 leads in just 6 weeks.

Facebook video advertisements are designed to be useful strings in the proverbial bow of a business’s digital marketing strategy. However, many companies still struggle to utilise video campaigns to their advantage. There is a growing disparity between what their audience is looking for and how video content resonates with customer pain points.

If you want the full benefits of Facebook ads, you need to understand why and how they can help you.

Don’t seek out Facebook ad campaign shortcuts, quick fixes or tricks! What may have worked for one particular business may not work for yours. Every business is different, and so is its unique relationship with its target audience. So you need to think carefully about how you can utilise Facebook video ads in ways that will work for your target customer at various stages of their purchasing journey.

To give you some perspective and insight, here are some questions which you may want to consider asking yourself before investing in Facebook PPC advertising.

Facebook Ad Questions to Ask

  • What do I want to achieve with Facebook advertising?
  • Who am I trying to reach with this campaign?
  • What does my ideal customer profile look like?
  • How should I measure success in this Facebook ad campaign?
  • How and why is video content going to work in my favour?
  • What do I want my customers to do after watching this video content?

By thinking carefully about your Facebook ad strategy before anything is done, you stand a stronger chance of creating a great first impression. This, of course, is crucial for all  Facebook ads – it’s about striking the right impression in the first few seconds of your content, getting them hooked on what you’re saying, and promoting yourself.

That’s not the only advantage of Facebook advertising with video, however.

Benefits of Facebook Video Ads

Above is a video that we produced for Golf Escapes to promote their golfing holidays to the Costa del Sol.

Grab attention immediately

Showing Facebook In-Stream video ads to a well-targeted audience is a more effective way of grabbing their attention in a few seconds, rather than showing ads at the start or end of your video.

Increase brand awareness

Facebook has approximately 1.7 billion active users at any one time, according to Statista. Using intuitive audience targeting, you can create objective-specific campaigns, one of which is brand awareness.

Increase engagement

Facebook ad engagement impacts its reach; Facebook allows advertisers to reach larger and higher-targeted audience sets by sorting them. You can leverage this by creating Facebook custom audiences based on their engagement rate.

Drive conversions

Facebook ad conversion rates are higher than on other social media channels. In addition video ads drive higher CTRs (click-through rates) on average. Create video Facebook ads based on the conversion you want to drive, whether Purchase, Lead, Subscribe, etc. You can also use Facebook Pixel data for retargeting people who’ve already visited your site.

Share information and expertise

Videos allow you to share more information and highlight your USPs. These can be good incentives for viewers to take your desired action. Utilising the first five seconds of your video well to grab their attention and demonstrate your success can do wonders for the success of the campaign.

Stand out from the competition

Facebook advertising is competitive, so you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Prove to your customers that you can solve their problems with client testimonials, video case studies and stories that sit well in your video narrative.

Retargeting and lookalike audiences

You can qualify who’s interested in your brand, product or service by retargeting people who’ve viewed 50%, 75% and 90% of your Facebook ads. You can run Facebook retargeting or remarketing campaigns, or create Facebook lookalike audiences based on their characteristics. Video ads make great remarketing material.


If you run Facebook video ads, take advantage of showing Instagram video ads too. Whether in-stream, on Instagram feeds or Instagram stories, choose the correct format and maximise your visibility on the second-largest social media platform after Facebook.

Facebook Video Ads
Above is another screenshot of the video/PPC campaign that we managed for Golf Escapes.

Advice from a Facebook Ad Agency

We hope this guide has helped you learn more about Facebook video ads, but there is still much more to uncover. Why not get a free marketing review with Ginger Digital to find out what’s working for you and what’s not, and how we can help you overcome the obstacles you’re currently facing? To find out more about adding a video to your Facebook Ad Campaign head over to our website

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