The Importance of a Video Marketing Strategy [VIDEO]

You have a new product or service launching, the marketing and sales meetings have been held and someone in marketing has been asked to make a video. Where do you begin?

What will you film and how long will the video be? Who is going to see it and where will you use it? You might be screaming ‘HELP’!

The Problem

You’ve got a marketing strategy in place – that’s great! However, if you plan on producing and using video without a video marketing strategy then you’ll be disappointed with how effective it will be in helping you achieve your goals and aims.

The Solution

You need to think about a video project like you would any other marketing element; implement a video marketing strategy for the video.

We often get calls from businesses at this stage, and the first conversation is usually an in depth one about a marketing strategy.

Video Marketing Strategy Whiteboard Animation

Take a look at our latest Whiteboard Animation Video. This will give you a brief introduction to how you can gain the best return on your investment.

The Importance of a Video Marketing Strategy

You wouldn’t set off on a car journey without knowing where you’re headed, would you? You’re likely to plan and use a map or a Sat Nav to help you reach your final destination.

Using video is the same; don’t attempt to produce video without first outlining your final goals and aims. It’s important to know where you’re heading with your video.

What is a video marketing strategy?

This strategy should run alongside your usual marketing strategy. To be effective, it should be a long term strategy for using video. Placing a video marketing strategy around your videos will help you succeed in achieving your company’s goals and aims.

How we can help you establish YOUR strategy:

We can help you establish a strategy to put in place around your video production.

video marketing strategy

It is important to first decide upon and set some benchmarks, goals and aims. This helps form the basis of your video marketing strategy. It also means we can produce the video with these specific goals in mind, and include certain techniques to help achieve them

Without deciding what you hope to achieve, you won’t be able to determine whether the video is successful. We use a Pre-Scripting Questionnaire, so we can understand exactly what you’re looking to get from your investment.

Setting out your goals, aims and benchmarks helps formulate a better marketing plan and helps to produce a refined strategy.

Video completion

The strategy should extend further than just the video production. We can help with the upload and the optimisation of videos. A number of techniques can be used to help the videos appear in the search engines.

Our 7-Step Process

Not everyone is an expert when it comes video marketing and video SEO, and we understand that projects can sometimes be a little daunting. We implement a 7-Step Video Success Strategy to help reduce any uncertainty and guarantee not only a video you love, but a positive experience too!

We hope you have found this post about the importance of a video marketing strategy useful. If you have any questions please feel free to leave any comments below!

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