What Makes Web Videos Go Viral?

The holy grail of video marketing – the viral video. We’ve had a lot of clients wonder why is it so difficult to achieve this revered status with anything that isn’t a video of a cat playing the piano. Well, the answer to that is simple – a video often has to be designed in a specific way to go viral, and a lot of businesses don’t design their videos what way. To put it another way – viral videos take a lot of know-how, and often you need to plan for them to go viral, rather than wait for it to happen by accident. Want to know how to do that? Read on.

Keep It Short And Sweet

Viral videos tend to be short, often only reaching 2 or 3 minutes in length. This makes them easy to view and share without investing too much time in sitting down to watch them. It also means this kind of video has a short, impactful message that sinks in quickly and leaves a lasting impression. The moral here? Don’t witter on in your videos, keep it precise and to the point.

Give It Universal Appeal

One of the things that make viral videos so successful is that they have an element of universal appeal. You want your videos to be viewed around the world, so it’s important not to limit yourself with cultural references if you want to achieve true viral status. For example, a universal truth is that people generally love unexpected, positive surprises. One of the most popular brands of fizzy drinks, Coca Cola, used this to their advantage and made this amazing 2-minute video called ‘The Happiness Machine’ that went viral almost overnight. Rather than niching down, a viral video needs to appeal to everyone, so try to find a common human factor to focus on.

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Add An Emotional Element

If your brand has a heart-warming story – share it! People connect with emotional videos in a profound way, and if a video online can make them feel something real and strong, they are more likely to share it.  As an example, EnChroma are an American company that makes a very special kind of glasses. These glasses allow colour-blind people to see colours. As part of their marketing campaign, they put together a series of videos, like this one showing the reaction of colour-blind people seeing colour for the first time. These videos were so stirring they were shared all over the world, and raised their profile within the market considerably.

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Make It Funny

If there’s something people love, its laughing. Some of the most popular viral videos are shared because they are funny, and bring joy to everyone who sees them. But this doesn’t just have to be dogs that sound like they can talk or fail videos of kids trying to do stunts. Business can use the humour angle too. Fiat hit the nail on the head with mums around the world with this ‘Motherhood’ video, featuring a rapping mother with three kids showing off the oh-so-glamorous life of motherhood, with the Fiat 500L featuring several times in the video. The language and content wouldn’t make it onto a normal TV ad, but mums around the world loved it, and shared it with everyone they knew. We guarantee none of them will forget the Fiat anytime soon!

Share Something Upbeat & Inspiring

And finally, there’s nothing people like more than a good, uplifting story to cheer them up when they’ve had a bad day. An inspiring video can be about anything – and it’s the perfect place to promote your life changing products. Underdog stories are a timeless success, and if you can find an uplifting and inspiring narrative for your video, then you are on to a winner. Here are some inspiring viral videos to give some inspiration.

At Ginger Digital, we focus on helping businesses create impactful, engaging video to use for their business. As part of our service, we include a planning and strategy session to work out what you want to achieve, so that we can tailor your videos to achieve it. If you would like to find out more about how we do this, just get in touch with us today.

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