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Who can we help advertise on X (formally known as Twitter)?

X is a prime platform for brands to raise awareness and it’s a great platform for emphasising visual content and catching the eye of your target audience.

Due to the fast-paced nature of X, the ads are subtle and naturally integrated into the newsfeed of your audience.



X offers advertisers several options to reach their target audience with the main options mentioned in more detail below:

Promoted Posts

These look just like regular posts in the newsfeed, with a label that says they are a promoted post. Like regular posts they can be reposted, liked, etc. They can be used to appear in front of new audiences or event spark engagement from your existing audience.

Promoted Video

This option is a much more engaging ad format, which appears in the feed of your target audience with an autoplay feature. These promoted videos can also be reposted and shared just like organic posts.

How we use video in Twitter ads

Visuals are what will grab the viewer’s attention and what makes our clients’ posts stand out in the feed.

We help our clients by using video in ads, making sure that we use video to tell their story and create an interest in the brand.

Saying amazing things

“We want to add real value to our clients and in Ginger we found a partner that understands what we are trying to get across and are also able to deliver that in a really effective way.”

Alun Williams,  MD, Luna Branding
Alun Williams,

“What really impressed us about working with Ginger is that they are so much more than just a video production company; they took our marketing strategy and built around that in order to give us the right product.”

Chris Jones,  Chief Operating Officer, Nymad
Chris Jones,

“We visited Ginger’s studio to film content for our company’s website. The team were extremely helpful and clearly experts in the services they offered.”

Wesley Dowe,  Capture Consultant, Kefron
Wesley Dowe,

“We’ve been really pleased with the results. Over the 3 week campaign our website views increased by 400%, the video had over 80,000 views, and we sold £300K of our product.”

Stuart Devoil Group Head of Marketing, James Latham Ltd
Stuart Devoil

“Ginger have generated really good quality leads, we are excited by these early results and look forward to even greater gains in the following months.”

Iain Gray Business Growth and Partnership Manager, MSC R&D
Iain Gray

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