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How to produce compelling promotional videos

You’re probably looking to have a promotional video produced that will promote your products or services to your prospective customers. If so then that’s great, as they are a powerful way to both increase sales and boost your brand awareness.

However, there is a secret to producing great promotional videos; it’s all about the research and the scripting prior to production. Of course, a fantastic production team is needed too, but it all starts with the research and scripting.

The research is all about understanding the products or services and who they are targeted at. Only once we have that information can we assist you to write a script that will resonate with your target audience. We ensure that the messaging is relevant to that audience, so it encourages them to either buy or contact you.

Our experience means that we excel at this crucial research and scripting piece. Our experienced production team then move on to storyboarding ( where appropriate), filming, editing and then crucially distributing the videos. After all it is pointless producing video if your prospects don’t get to see it!

We offer the complete end to end solution from concept all the way through to distribution.

Types of promotional videos

Whether you need a serious business video, engaging animation or a compelling sales video, we can help.

Here are a few examples of engaging videos that we can help with here at Ginger:

  • Product demo videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Company overview videos
  • Event videos
  • Testimonial or Case Study videos

Our experienced team have the skills and equipment required to create stunning, high quality promotional videos that will stand out from the crowd and encourage your target audience to take action.

We’ll work with you to develop the vision and then make that vision a reality. As an experienced video marketing company we are fully committed to helping you achieve your goals, whether that be more sales, engagement, brand awareness or clicks.

To discuss your video project just give us a call on 01488 670244. Alternatively send us a message via our contact page.

Featured work

Whiteboard Animation for Software Company

Watch this Whiteboard Animation we produced for Titania

Promotional Video for Luxury Hotel

Take a look at this Promotional Video we produced for Deer Park

Promotional Video for Diet Club

Check out this Event Video we produced for Hairy Bikers' Diet Club

Saying amazing things

The Ginger team make the whole process of video creation seem almost frictionless. The feedback on the scripts I created was invaluable and the guidance on how to present to screen really helped to create valuable content. The videos achieved their aims, and more. It has been worth every penny and every minute invested.

Dave Davies MD, Sandler Training, Thames Valley
Dave Davies

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Ginger Digital. They were professional, had an incredible attention to detail, patient and great fun to work with. We couldn’t be more happy with the result. Thank you,”

Diane Lee  Buying Director, Toys R Us
Diane Lee

“What really impressed us about working with Ginger is that they are so much more than just a video production company; they took our marketing strategy and built around that in order to give us the right product.”

Chris Jones Chief Operating Officer, Nymad
Chris Jones

“Simply fab! Ginger supported us through their fast and efficient process and took the time to understand our business and our needs.”

Jason Fahy Chief Executive, Knowledge Hub
Jason Fahy

“Ginger were great to work with, professional throughout the whole process and quick to respond to our requests. Thanks team!

Rebecca Jaggs Director, Resolution
Rebecca Jaggs

“Ginger took the time to understand our business and to talk to each one of the team so that the end result reflected our brand.”

Cathy Jenkins Director, MAXX Design
Cathy Jenkins

“We had a smooth and successful experience with the Ginger team for our studio video shoot. The film quality was great, and the editing and communications seamless.”

Chris Gardener Business Mentor, Strategic Mentors
Chris Gardener

“Neil and his team were able to communicate our complex message using video, in a really engaging and fun way.”

Ruth Inglis Marketing Manager, Titania
Ruth Inglis

“We chose to work with Ginger because we’re a very strategic agency and felt the fit was really good. They know how to do video, but more importantly how to do it really effectively.”

Alun Williams Director, Luna Branding
Alun Williams

“We’ve had some great feedback about the videos from our guests and private dining bookings have noticeably increased. We’ll definitely go back to Ginger for future videos!”

Sally Albin Marketing Director, L'Ortolan
Sally Albin

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