Cookie Policy

Like many websites, this website makes use of cookies to improve the user’s experience of the website. Cookies cannot identify you personally. They are stored in the computer’s memory only during your browsing session and are automatically deleted from your computer when the browser is closed. These cookies store a session ID which is not personally identifiable to users, allowing you to move from page to page without having to log-in repeatedly. Session cookies are never written on the hard-drive and they do not collect any information from your computer. Session cookies expire at the end of your browser session and become no longer accessible after the session has been inactive for a specified length of time. It does include third party cookies to help with creating analytical data. Some of these cookies are essential to the operational features of the site, whilst others are beneficial to us as the publisher. You may set your own chosen browser to manage how cookies are accepted or handled. By accessing cookies on this website you are agreeing that the use of the cookies is reasonable.

Our use of third party Cookies

We do use Google Analytics software to help us improve the usability of our website, the type of information gathered relates to the amount of time spent on the website and the pages visited. No personal information is held. If you agree with these terms of use, including the cookie policy, you may continue browsing the website.

How to opt out of Cookies

Our website works better with cookies enabled, and they don’t give either us or anyone else access to your personal data. We advise you to keep cookies enabled. However, you can choose to reject cookies. You can do this in your browser. These terms were last updated 11th March 2020.

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