Incorporating video into your social campaigns

If you’re a brand, marketer, or just use social media on a daily basis then social video will already be front of mind.

Video is central to any marketing strategy and video has grown to be the most in-demand and engaging content on social media.

Our video production and video marketing experts help make social videos that are effective for your business’ goals from audience growth to increasing engagement.

Social video isn’t as simple as just cutting down a standard video – it needs several key attributes:

1. It needs to be designed specifically for social platforms

It’s crucial that social video is designed specifically for social platforms. The video needs to be optimised so it can be viewed on all devices.

It also needs to be able to be watched without sound. The message needs to be clear with subtitles or supporting text.

2. It needs to be short and sweet!

Social Video needs to be short!

How long is short? We advise videos should typically be between 30 secs and 1 minute. Therefore a carefully crafted message is needed, with a strong start to draw people in.

3. It needs to be targeted

We produce social video that is directed at your audience. This will be the audience you already have and the audience you want to target. That means the right subject, content and type of video – one your audience will want to watch and engage with.

Social media video

4 .  Lastly… it’s all about engagement

Engagement may not be your only goal when using video on social media, but it’s a powerful way to grow your audience. Encouraging social actions such as likes, comments and shares are great ways to maximise the reach of your video.

We are also able to help you to gain more reach by using the mix of video and paid advertising on platforms such as Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

If you would like to incorporate video into your social media then get in touch with our dedicated video marketing team today.

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