Google Ads or Facebook Ads? Which Should you Choose for your Digital Marketing?

Social media marketing is a valuable form of marketing that can benefit a business significantly. That being said, some companies invest heavily in PPC campaigns and find that’s the best way forward.  So, Google Ads or Facebook Ads, which is best for your business?

We’re often asked which type of digital advertising is best to invest in. 

That is a difficult question to answer, but if we have to cut to the chase, it depends on what you’re trying to achieve with your marketing campaigns.

What type of Advertising is Right for You?

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Both social media ads and Google Ads excel when it comes to delivering tangible and transparent results. As far as social media advertising goes, your business can advertise on the following platforms: 

This blog will focus on one particular social media advertising solution, Facebook, due to its similarities with the popular Google Ads PPC option. 

Facebook advertising campaigns are some of the most widely used by businesses to reach potential customers and target their audience. Facebook is still arguably the most popular social network.  

Google Ads are examples of effective online advertising which have the potential to draw swathes of people to your website.  

So when it comes to allocating advertising budget, should you choose Facebook ads or Google Ads?  

Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

Both of these forms of digital marketing can do the following: 

  • Build brand awareness 
  • Drive traffic 
  • Retarget customers 
  • Provide pathways to conversion 
  • Identify the right target audience 

Regardless of which platform you use, you have to stand out to your customers. The customer journey is everything, and your brand needs to find a way to appeal and make your customers want to find out more.  

Both Google Ads and Facebook ads have become increasingly accessible for businesses to utilise. Still, the trick is knowing how and why you should use these platforms. Both of them are effective at helping your business grow, but it relies on you understanding how to use Google Ads and Facebook ads properly. 

Why use Google Ads?

Google dominates the search engine market, and with that, the search results pages themselves make good places to advertise if you’re looking to tap into that massive market of searchers. 

Some examples of Google Ads include: 

  • Google search network 

The search network displays ads for particular keywords, which are always displayed above organic search results. You’ll notice the little “Ad” icon under a Google PPC ad. For more info on this, we’d recommend visiting our guide to PPC ads on Google

  • Google display ads 

Display Network campaigns show your ads on websites and apps when your chosen keywords are related to the site content. 

  • Google Shopping 

These are e-commerce ads that allow your brand’s products to be displayed when direct searches are carried out. 

  • Google retargeting 

If you’ve lost customers throughout your sales funnel, using PPC campaigns to retarget them and convince them to convert is effective. 

  • Google video ads 

Video advertising campaigns let you show ads on sites like YouTube (see more on YouTube ads) and across the Google Display Network. 

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When it comes to driving traffic with the intent to convert, Google Ads are excellent. 

Why use Facebook Ads?

People using Facebook aren’t typically searching keywords to solve a problem immediately. They’re interacting with friends in groups and on pages, and the intent to purchase isn’t as high. 

Facebook ads come in the form of advertisements that integrate directly into your personalised feed, which look like regular content posts. These ads are typically aimed at driving clicks and Likes to your business page. 

Facebook ads can be on desktop, mobile or tablet, even through Instagram (which Facebook owns). You can advertise on Messenger, on the sidebars and even with Facebook video ads. 

You can cater to numerous advertising goals, from brand awareness to engagement and actual direct sales.  

There are numerous types of Facebook ads, ranging from static product ads to carousel ads and in-stream video ads.  

Facebook also lets you create Custom Audiences where you can target people based on specific demographics, such as age, income level, job title and even what TV show they’re interested in. You can even get very specific and create several ‘lookalike audiences’ and carry out Facebook retargeting campaigns. 

Advice from a Social Media Ads Agency

Google and Facebook are two very different platforms, with vastly differing intentions and advantages. However they do have one thing in common; they both work excellently, provided you know what you’re doing. 

Ask yourself what your end goal is – are you looking to sell products directly, or are you more focused on brand awareness? 

The reality is that you can make the best of both options and create winning campaigns across both Google and Facebook ads. Speak to Ginger Digital to find out more about how we incorporate video content at the heart of your strategy. 

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