Benefits and Strategies of Using PPC Video Landing Pages

Video ads are excellent at grabbing viewers’ attention if executed and delivered correctly. However, contrary to popular opinion, there is far more involved when creating video advertisements that actually convert and drive engagement.

Think about when a video ad is clicked – what happens? Do they go to a generic landing page, or somewhere else entirely? This question prompted this short guide, and why we, at Ginger Digital, believe that sending valuable clicks from your viewers to uninspiring landing pages could be squandering your campaign momentum and effectiveness.

Video landing pages, on the other hand, are specialised landing pages that feature dynamic video content front and centre. As video marketing specialists, we have developed bespoke landing pages with video at the heart and have found them to work tremendously well – exponentially better than static PPC landing pages. 

Don’t get us wrong – we wouldn’t dissuade marketers from using static PPC landing pages at all, provided that a methodical and well-considered strategy was present. However, this short guide is to give you some valuable food for thought – you may find that your landing pages are much more effective if you adopt a ‘video-first’ approach. As adaptable video marketing professionals, we often produce videos (with the help of our in-house team), and our clients invariably use that on their own landing pages that they develop themselves.

By the end of this short guide, you should understand the unique value of using PPC video landing pages and how they amplify your paid advertising efforts.

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What Are Video Landing Pages?

Video landing pages differentiate themselves from standalone landing pages by making video the main feature, rather than supplementary content.

Put simply – viewers will simply be taken to a page that contains a piece of dynamic video content, rather than a page containing text, images, bullet points, links, buttons, and maybe a video lurking halfway down. 

Highly relevant and purposeful video is immediately noticeable and engaging to viewers that click through to your video landing page. While these qualities are subjective for each brand and business, and by extension, its audience, the most relevant video content on landing pages keep a few consistent qualities. These are:

  • Recognisable branding
  • Clear calls-to-action (CTA)
  • Unambiguous messaging and text
  • Definitive products or services

As video marketing professionals, we know first-hand how much of a positive difference compelling video content can make PPC campaigns. 

Whether hosting videos on your site domain or via an independent platform, most keen viewers want to uncover some crucial information straight away. If they click through from your video ad to a purposeful landing page, interactive videos can be of immense value to them.

Most importantly, all elements built into such a page direct focus to the video itself, leaving little room for confusion for the viewer.

Benefits of Video Landing Pages

Let’s look at how video landing pages offer viewers plenty of advantages compared to static PPC landing pages.

More Immersive User Experience

Video landing pages offer enriching experiences from the moment visitors arrive, making them more likely to view the content in its entirety, or digest multiple parts of it. Without being distracted heavily by excessive tabs, clicks, or notifications, viewers can directly engage with the content and consume its messaging.

Higher Conversion Rates

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Pages that put video at the epicentre are more likely to convert, given that visitors quickly and effectively receive answers to their queries. By addressing their pain points and needs upfront and decisively, you are – directly and indirectly – nudging viewers further down your sales funnel. Striking while their interest is piqued is critical for improving video marketing campaign conversions.

Improved Quality Scores

Video landing pages still satisfy user search intent, in the same way that standard Google and Microsoft Ads landing pages do. However, the uplift in relevancy and experience scores ultimately means your ad is of better quality, thus,  the platform will dispense it more frequently to more viewers that sit within your target audience criteria.

Mobile Responsiveness

With Google’s mobile-first ethos when ranking sites, responsive video landing pages that offer a positive user experience are likely to be rewarded by the search engine. While this doesn’t exclude desktop users at all, the mobile-friendly nature of video content means that both user bases are satisfied.

Strategies for Effective Video Landing Pages

So, the fundamental question remains; how can you make your video landing pages perform as well as possible? Depending on your PPC and video marketing goals, you may be looking at specific data when analysing campaign performance. If your video landing pages are generating results you want to see, then ultimately that must be considered a win.

However, on a broader scale, some marketers may want to ensure they get off on the right foot and create winning video landing pages from the outset. It’s completely understandable that you’d want to ensure your video advertising efforts generate a positive ROI for your marketing budget.

Here are a few general video PPC best practices when it comes to dynamic landing pages.

Match Advertising Goals with Video Content

It’s no different from any other PPC advertising spiel you’ve heard before, but it remains true. Consider what visitor journey stage your viewers are at, along with the goals that should underpin each stage. 

For instance, viewers at the Impressions stage may just need an introduction to your brand and what your provide, while viewers at the Conversion stage may simply need a remarketing video that reminds them of the tangible benefits they get from using your product.

Guide viewers further down their own respective funnel with relevant, tailored video content on a landing page that offers no distractions and keeps their attention.

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Optimising Page Load Speeds

Slow website speed is something to avoid and prevent at all costs; if your site takes more than a few seconds to load, don’t expect all viewers to hang around and wait. 

Consult with your site developer about creating pages that load quickly and with minimal disruption or manual loading of resources. Enable caching where applicable and limit redirect chains for a smooth viewing experience. 

It’s also vital to consider the video hosting platform you use for your content and optimise the integration with your site as much as you can.

Prominent Calls-to-Action

Don’t make your CTAs lose value by burying them under a sea of menus, links, and buttons. Keep them visible and prominent, placing them beside or directly over or under the video player. Engaging CTAs like ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Book a Demo’ or ‘Get a Free Quote’ don’t leave any room for ambiguity.

Analysing Performance

As with any video advertising campaign, don’t just launch the ad and expect the results to come flooding in. You’ll need to set clear milestones and goals from the off, and objectively and ruthlessly assess whether your video campaigns are hitting the mark. 

However, don’t assume that just because the video isn’t converting straight away that all is lost. Experiment with different video content and creatives against existing landing pages and see if your metrics improve. 

A/B testing video content gives you a much clearer picture of campaign performance, as well as understanding the effectiveness of your video content. Analyse the goals and metrics that matter most to your brand, whether it’s views, bounce rates, form fills, load speed, or conversion rates, and refine your efforts accordingly. 

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Don’t just stop at the video creative; look at page layouts, video length, format, text, transcriptions, assets, and site structure as well. 

Remember that video advertising is not a strategy that should exist siloed from other marketing efforts. It should complement and support your other activities, so position it as such, rather than something that should just be ‘there’.

Video Landing Pages in Action

For some inspiring examples of how video landing pages have worked for our clients, please refer to these real-world case studies.

Ginger Digital is proud to have produced videos and run PPC ads direct to landing pages for clients like askporter and Ecopack Technologies, to name a few.

We hope this short guide has highlighted how effective video landing pages can be for your PPC campaigns. The video marketers here at Ginger Digital would like to extend a free video advertising review call to you. 

If you’ve previously found little to no success with video PPC, or need some bespoke advice on how video landing pages can help your business reach your audience online, then our video review call is a perfect place to start.

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