The importance of video marketing

As we began a new decade in 2020, video became an essential weapon in any company’s marketing arsenal. Any digital marketer will know that content is key and what better way to produce content than video.  Here we explain the importance of video marketing.

With one billion hours of video content watched daily, you cannot afford to exclude video from your marketing strategy. Let’s go through some of the reasons that video marketing is important for your business.

Start conversations

First impressions are crucial!  One of the most important conversations to have with a potential client is the first conversation. How do you present your company in the best, most concise way possible to someone who doesn’t know you?

The answer is simple – video.

What better way to introduce your brand or new product to your target audience than with an exciting and engaging explainer video? People are more receptive to visuals than text, therefore visualising your company is the best way to gain and retain the audience’s attention.

Below is an example of an explainer video created for one of our clients.

Humanize your brand

People engage with people, so bear this in mind when looking at your marketing strategy. Showing the people behind your business can be a really effective way to give your company some personality.

You are passionate about your services or products and you want your target audience to show passion about them too. The best way to convey passion is via video content – there is only so much you can do with text and images.

Build trust

Creating video content about certain subjects within your field is a great way to build trust with your audience. If you want to be considered as a thought leader in your industry then you will need to be producing content to prove this and video should definitely be a huge part of that content.

Gain attention

Videos are much better at gaining and retaining attention than normal text or image content.

Just think about it – how much video content is watched online every day? YouTube claims that users spend over an hour a day watching video on mobile. This is enough proof that video is a huge part of our online lives and you should be using this to get your audience’s attention as much as possible.YouTube play button

Not only is video popular, but also it’s shareable. People are sharing video content more and more which means if you produce an engaging video the rewards are unlimited.

SEO benefits

There are also great SEO benefits to incorporating video into your marketing strategy.

Having video on your landing pages is a sure-fire way to increase average the time on site as well as reducing the bounce rate. Users are more likely to watch a video than read a large paragraph of text, therefore reducing the risk of them bouncing – and if the video has the right messaging they will take further actions on your site.

Also, to put it bluntly, Google loves video content. Video content will rank highly in the organic search results if SEO’d correctly – ensure you are optimising your title and description as well as using keywords in the video itself. Not to mention that embedded video from YouTube or Vimeo is mobile responsive, which is another key ranking factor in the Google algorithm.

Hopefully that is enough reason for you to be utilising video in your marketing strategy. Still not convinced? Give the Ginger team a call on 01488 670244 or contact us to speak to our team of video marketing experts about how video will benefit your marketing strategy.

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