Embracing a Sustainable Tomorrow: Our New Net-Zero Eco-Friendly Oasis! 🌿

We are beyond thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards contributing towards a sustainable future – our brand-new office space!

We’ve moved, not far, just 3 miles up the road, but it’s like stepping into a different world! We’re still in West -Berkshire, but now based in a lovely Eco-Conference centre on an organic farm.

The whole of the conference centre and farm is powered by wind turbines and solar panels, which also powers the events they hold here, which range from weddings to natural funerals to conferences.

new office space

This transition represents not just a change in location, but a real commitment to our planet, which is something we have been striving towards for some time.

Here’s a little about it, but the images do say it all!

🏢 A Hub of Sustainability: our space is an eco-friendly gem, bathed in natural light with energy-efficient LED lights, which creates a vibrant workspace.

new office space

🌾 Embracing Nature’s Beauty: our office is in the serene countryside, surrounded by lush greenery, offering inspiration around every corner.

new office space

☀️ Harnessing Natural Power: our office is 100% powered by wind turbines and solar panels, making us a net-zero carbon facility. In addition, all the waste water is treated through a reedbed purification system converting it into clean water with no need for chemicals or power. All making us a net-zero carbon facility!

🔌 Sustainable Charging: there are also electric car charging points, taking steps towards a greener world.

🌟 We’re delighted to be contributing to a better tomorrow and if you find yourself in the West Berkshire area we’d love to welcome you to a visit in our new office space.

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