Top 6 LinkedIn Ad Audience Retargeting Strategies

Audience retargeting (commonly and interchangeably referred to as remarketing) is a highly effective technique for boosting LinkedIn ad performance and driving conversions from your most promising prospects.

Remarketing Campaigns are Not a LinkedIn Exclusive, But They’re Valuable

Remarketing PPC campaigns is nothing new in the digital marketing terrain – but for LinkedIn campaigns focused on lead generation, brand awareness and engagement, this type of marketing strategy should be embraced with open arms.

By continuing to nurture previously engaged audiences through relevant LinkedIn ads and offers, you can spark renewed interest and bring your brand back to the forefront of their minds. It’s much the same process as repositioning your brand in front of passively interested YouTube ad viewers, or those who have previously perused your website. 

Running PPC search or display ads to specific prospects who have engaged with your brand in some capacity is invaluable, particularly on the professional social media network of LinkedIn. There are just some unique quirks when retargeting ads on LinkedIn to get the most out of your marketing budget.

Here are six proven LinkedIn audience retargeting strategies to add to your B2B marketing playbook.

Strategies for Retargeting Audiences on LinkedIn

  • Target Website Visitors

One of the simplest ways to get started with LinkedIn audience retargeting is promoting to people who have visited specific pages on your website. 

linkedin ad retargeting
For example, you can create an audience of all visitors to your pricing page in the past 30 days. Then target them with LinkedIn ads touting free trials, discounts, or product demos. The key is aligning each audience with relevant follow-up messaging.

  • Build Audiences From Leads and Contacts

Your CRM system is a goldmine for (ethical) LinkedIn retargeting campaigns.

Build custom audiences from your list of leads and contacts, segmented by criteria like lead score, engagement history, expressed interests, or profile attributes. Then tailor your LinkedIn ads and copy to reflect their stage in the buyer’s journey. 

It’s important to not flood their inboxes or feeds with overly promotional messaging – this may have the opposite effect.

  • Retarget Content Engagers

Remember, engagement extends beyond just your website. 

You can build audiences based on who has interacted with specific LinkedIn posts, watched a certain portion of a video, clicked on a Sponsored Content ad, or downloaded an asset. Creatively nurture these warmer prospects with unique ads that add value to their individual customer journey.

  • Lookalike Audiences

One LinkedIn targeting feature lets you identify “lookalike” audiences that share common attributes with your existing high-value customers. 

By promoting to people similarly inclined to buy from you, through characteristics like their job title, industry, location, and more, lookalikes help you efficiently scale your audience pool.

Best Practices for LinkedIn Remarketing Ad Optimisation

To maximise the impact of your LinkedIn retargeting efforts, keep these tips in mind:

  • Test different time windows for audiences, anywhere from a week to six months, or even longer. 
  • Make your ads and copy explicitly relevant to the specific audience segment. Don’t recycle broad messaging.
  • A/B test ad variations to determine what imagery, videos, copy and offers resonate best.
  • Ensure your PPC landing pages speak directly to the promoted offer or content within the ad.
linkedin ad retargeting
  • Track ROI and conversions by audience segment to focus your ad spend on your best targets.

With the right tailored messaging and persistence, your LinkedIn audience retargeting strategy can significantly boost your conversions and lower your customer acquisition costs over time.

LinkedIn Retargeting Ad Audience Types

There are several types of retargeting audiences that you can consider building native to your business LinkedIn profile. When it comes to launching campaigns further down the line, having these in mind will help your efforts in targeting more engaged audiences.

  • Single image ads – Retargeting LinkedIn users who have engaged with a single image ad in some capacity, either through views, comments, reactions or shares.
  • Documents – Those users who have viewed, commented on, or shared a LinkedIn document that you – or one of your individual profiles – have created.
  • Lead generation forms – In other words, anybody who has filled in a lead generation form – which can take many forms – to some degree. Find out what they need to know and tailor your messaging accordingly.
  • Company LinkedIn page – People who have perused your LinkedIn business page, or those belonging to senior staff or directors. Find out their intent and structure relevant ad content that speaks to them.
  • Website – Align the data from your website analytics to those that have active LinkedIn profiles. Present top-level content that reminds LinkedIn users of your business and keeps it fresh in their minds.
  • Video views – Retargeting users who have watched your LinkedIn videos to some extent. Consider analysing video completion rate against any other important metrics and tailor relevant, refined messaging to their interests.
  • Events – Attendees of LinkedIn online or in-person events often need retargeting to keep your brand front of mind. Craft relevant event follow-up content and calls-to-action for those already engaged.

Of course, each LinkedIn user has a specific intent for each view or engagement that they provide to your content. 

Whether they are an active job seeker looking for their next career move, whether they are already past the impression stage in the customer journey, or whether they just came across an interesting and thought-provoking piece of content, you cannot afford to assume each LinkedIn user is inherently after your products or services. 

This is why it’s imperative you study your LinkedIn audience data and analytics to find out all the important details that you need. From then, your ad campaigns can be structured with more intent.

linkedin ads retargeting
In summary, it’s clear to see that LinkedIn’s depth of audience data makes retargeting and remarketing incredibly effective for B2B brands. Follow these proven audience targeting strategies, optimise for sequential messaging, and track ROI diligently. With the right approach, you can get significantly more mileage out of your LinkedIn ad budget and move qualified prospects further down the funnel.

Have you found success with LinkedIn remarketing ads? If not, why wouldn’t you want to turn your fortunes around? With the help of an award-winning, data-driven digital marketing agency with proven experience handling B2B and B2C LinkedIn ad campaigns for clients across multiple industries, you can reap all the benefits of targeted leads through this marketing channel. 

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