Training Video Production: All You Need to Know

High-quality video content is a versatile and powerful tool for training and teaching your employees, both new and existing. By investing in training video production, your business can create engaging, valuable content for anyone in your business, regardless of how experienced they are.

Please see above some examples of training videos we have produced for our clients!

Training and eLearning video production is undergoing a seismic shift in popularity amongst business owners. If you own a small business or are a marketing professional working within an enterprise, you’ll benefit greatly from reading this guide.

What is a Training Video?

eLearning videos are designed to help viewers learn online. Many businesses are capitalising on this, given the current exceptionally high demand for remote learning.

Training videos are recorded types of content that include visuals, audio, graphics and text to aid staff training, retraining and onboarding. They’re concise, engaging and easy to digest, making them ideal for businesses with many employees.

If your business is reshaping how you train and onboard your staff, you’ll find that producing easily accessible employee training video material will support your long-term growth strategy.

Why Outsource Video Production Services?

There are numerous ways of making your business video work for you, and there are multiple factors to consider. For example, what type of video do you need? What should you include in your videos? Will your video appear on your website or social media platforms, or both?

However you use your training videos, outsourcing the creation of your video content to a third-party video production agency will save you time, effort and stress in the long run. 

What Can Creating a Training Video Do for Your Business?

Businesses have to adapt to new technologies and trends to see consistent growth. This is vital in today’s competitive market, where communication is everything.

As a result, training video production has become so popular for educating large teams of people, but video production has other uses and benefits.

Marketing purposes

Corporate videos can help a business grow its brand, engage its customers at various stages of the marketing funnel and reach new audiences. Business video production can show potential customers how authoritative you are. Video campaigns encourage them to interact with your business somehow, which has proven effective as a video marketing strategy.

Internal communications

If your company has a flexible or predominantly-remote working environment, training video content can help explain complex systems, processes and steps concisely and succinctly. For new staff required to navigate systems and applications they may not be familiar with, helpful video content can bridge the gap and help them learn and apply themselves quickly.

Educational resources

By using professional training videos, you can provide your audience with crucial information that they need quickly and easily by leveraging your services. For example, if you sell construction materials, you may find customers grow to trust your brand more if you produce educational videos on DIY home improvements and how-to guides.

Types of Training Video Production

Video advertising and production are excellent ways to educate your audience in a fast and engaging way. Though numerous video production methods exist, there are two prominent types that you may want to consider.

Interactive Training Videos

Interactive videos are immersive and allow viewers to personalise the digital education experience to them. This could be teaching employees the best way to respond in certain situations, such as workplace safety training videos, and giving customers a hands-on experience with your products.

Animation Training Videos

Whiteboard animation video is a beneficial tool to explain complicated concepts. Depicting topics using illustrations and animations can break down content into visually enticing chunks, making information easy to remember.

Animated explainer videos allow you to get creative and engage your audience with curiosity and intrigue.

Here is a whiteboard animation video we produced for a training company.

What Should Business Training Videos Include?

Creating effective training videos is no easy task and is best left to promotional video production experts. But for clarity, you should check every business video to ensure it has the following qualities:

  • Defined, clear messaging
  • A precise target audience
  • Clear storyboard and script
  • Supporting props and products
  • Professional lighting and sound equipment (if filming)
  • High-quality video editing software and strategy
  • Consistent branding and typography
  • Creative Video Production Company 

At Ginger Digital, our team turns complex business ideas into innovative and marketable videos that your target audience will love. Our video production services will help your business tell its story to whomever you desire.

Whether you need in-house educational videos or professional marketing material, our experienced and friendly video production team will be the creative and transparent support you need.

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