What Should be Included in a Corporate Video?

If you haven’t invested in a corporate business video for your company yet, the video production experts at Ginger Digital are here to tell you why you should.

Video marketing is arguably one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing strategy, so knowing how you can use video advertising techniques to your advantage is vital. Still, that crucial missing ingredient is often the video content itself, which needs to be professionally shot, edited and reflective of your business. With the help of corporate video production specialists like the team at Ginger Digital, your business can reap all the benefits of these videos.

Let’s look at why this type of video production can work superbly for your business’ marketing plan.

What is a Corporate Video?

A corporate video is a professional film curated to show specific aspects of an organisation to its customers.

Just because the word ‘corporate’ is included in this popular expression doesn’t mean it’s exclusively reserved for corporations.

Even if your business isn’t explicitly ‘corporate’, you may still want it to be taken more seriously in the eyes of your audience. Conversely, you may want to show the fun and less serious side of your business. Either is possible with corporate video production; it offers plenty of possibilities.

Types of Corporate Video

There are several different corporate video types, including (but not limited to):

1. Whiteboard animation videos

2. Explainer videos

3. Social media videos

Below is an example of a short and punchy video that is really effective on social media.

4. Website videos

5. Training videos

6. Corporate social responsibility videos

While they can vary in style, purpose and execution, the best corporate videos contain certain elements regardless of which type you want to use. We have outlined what a corporate video should ideally look like, whether you’re trying to grow your business, promote your brand, explain your products or services, drive click-through rates or push your customers along your sales funnel.

What Should a Corporate Video Include?

Corporate videos should ideally exhibit the following characteristics:

Good Video Length

What is the ideal length for a business video? Generally speaking, it’s wise to keep them under three minutes, but not too short. Viewers will be more inclined to watch if they know they’re close to the end.

Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

The video CTA directs viewers to perform a specific action, whether visiting your website, app or in-video links (if using YouTube video ads). This is a way to improve conversion rates, encouraging viewers to take their interest one step further by taking affirmative action. If you’re using social media video ads, it’s wise to include your CTA in the video itself.

There is some really strong messaging in the video below.

The video above is a great example of how a video can portray a simple, yet strong message. It’s clear, concise and the use of graphics really helps reinforce points. A strong message should also ideally be simple, so your viewers aren’t likely to be confused.


Whether your corporate video content is serious, fun or somewhere in the middle, it should always be professional. You’re telling viewers about your business and ideally want them to take the information seriously. Your narrative can be flexible, but staying professional involves talking about your diligence, high work ethic and impeccable service (in a light-hearted way), which can boost your credibility.

Emotional Connections

Emotion is the most significant driving factor in peoples’ buying decisions, so your corporate business video needs to strike that emotional connection. Doing so is incredibly valuable, meaning your audience is more likely to share, comment, interact with and convert following viewing your video.


Your corporate video has to appeal beyond just yourself as a director/employee or your immediate circle of colleagues. Approach your video as your consumer would; put yourself in their shoes. Look past your bias and think like your audience.

Consumer Benefits Explained

What’s in it for your customers? All corporate videos should highlight what a viewer can gain from watching and taking action. Identify your customers’ ‘pain points’ and how you can solve their problem(s). Audiences prefer to feel that you’re speaking to them rather than at them.

High Production Value

Cheap video production value shows a lack of professionalism. In comparison, putting the proper work, time and investment into high-quality video production, to reflect your business accurately and successfully, will help you gain much more credibility.

Powerful Video and Audio Combos

Combine your visuals with the most appropriate sounds or music to accompany your online video. This will help give your video that ‘wow’ factor and strike that emotional connection mentioned above.

Professional Corporate Video Production

We hope this blog post has been helpful to you.

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