What Video Production Do I Need for My Business?

If you know that your business needs a professional video, but aren’t sure where to start or how to go about getting a video production agency to bring your ideas to life, then this guide is for you.

You may have creative ideas; however, you can’t just produce content without thinking about your video marketing objectives and how best to achieve them.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may have specific actions you want viewers to take when watching your videos, which could indicate how your video should be shot. Bearing all of this in mind, where do you start?

Establish Clear Video Marketing Goals

Before breaking down the types of services your company might be interested in, you have to consider your video advertising goals.

Determining the video marketing campaign goals will help you choose the best video content needed for your target audience. The simplest way to do this is to look at your sales and marketing funnel and determine what you want to achieve with professional business videos, either on your website, landing pages or paid video ads with a supporting content strategy.

Look at the four key stages of your funnel and what quality video production can help you achieve.

*Attract (Brand Awareness)

You can use video to introduce your brand to more people, encouraging them to interact with you in some capacity and rack up swathes of video views. These videos serve as your customers’ first touchpoint with your business.

*Engage (Educating Your Target Audience)

You’ll want to use video to encourage users to spend time digesting your content somehow, either on your site, exploring your services or in-person, enquiring about what you provide. Add value with online videos that help establish credibility and engage people.

*Nurture (Closing Sales)

This refers to a video designed to convince your audience that you’re better than the competition. Use video to provide your viewers with tangible benefits that’ll push them over the line, from consideration to conversion.

*Entertain (Adding Value)

Professional video marketing aimed at re-engaging your customers whilst reaffirming your brand as excellent is also worth considering. People watch videos that make them smile.

Where would your video production needs fall? Do you want to attract, engage, nurture or entertain your audience? Once you know the answer, you can choose the right video production services that your company needs.

8 Types of Video Production to Consider

While you may have a particular goal in mind now, this could change as your customers move down your marketing funnel, so you’ll need video and calls to action that speak to them at the specific stage they’re in.

Below are just a few video production options that can apply at various stages of the sales and marketing funnel. See which ones are most suitable for your brand and industry.

1.Video advertisements – brief, attention-grabbing videos, giving viewers just enough information to entice them.

Please see below a video that advertises the benefits of running video campaigns with Ginger Digital.

3.Explainer videos – describing what your product does clearly and concisely, with its benefits, features and uses, teaching your audience thoroughly.

4.Whiteboard animation video – explaining your process or services in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner. Using a straightforward narrative and voiceover text will help reinforce your message.

5.Video case studies – showing current or past clients enthusing about your fantastic service, helping provide clarity on how you work.

6.FAQ videos – answering common questions, helping prospective customers to feel more confident working with you.

7.Thank you videos – showing your customers that your relationship doesn’t end post-purchase while strengthening the emotional connection created.

8.Welcome videos – for users who have just signed up or purchased recently. This would be a friendly welcome video explaining the next steps and will always provide reassurance.

Whichever type of corporate video production you’re considering, you’ll need  to pinpoint exactly how that’ll be shot. At Ginger Digital we can help curate any of the above video types and more, and  subsequently help distribute them in paid video campaigns in Google Ads, social media ads and YouTube Ads.

With the right strategy in place, and a supportive, transparent video production and video marketing agency behind you, the sky’s the proverbial limit as far as your potential goes.

Video Marketing Strategy Review

We hope this blog post has helped, but by no means is this an exhaustive list of choosing video production types. The key is to get an idea of your current video advertising strategy, and the award-winning digital marketing and video experts at Ginger Digital can help you.
We offer a no-obligation video review to assess how we can help you generate more leads with professional video ads and full-service video production.

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