Video Marketing: Video Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022

Going into the new year, business owners and marketing managers should pay close attention to stay on top of the video marketing game. 

As far as online content is concerned, video continues to be the most engaging and effective way to communicate to your audience. You should be mindful of what types of video content are working successfully right now, and what to expect for the new year and beyond.

Popularity of Video Marketing

If recent statistics indicate where video marketing is, its meteoric rise in popularity is not slowing down anytime soon. Business videos just get more and more popular as the years pass because consumer behaviour has drastically changed to favour video over other types of content.

While creating videos, posting them and sharing them on social media can all be done with one smart device and a WiFi connection, it’s important to be aware of current and future video trends. 

Ultimately, successful businesses utilise professional, high-quality video relevant to their customers, target market, and reflect their brand. Whether this is a startup, small business or a large corporation, having a clear video marketing strategy in place before producing any content is vital to maximising your return on investment. With that in mind, here are some video advertising trends you can expect in 2022. 

Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

Video Marketing Trends

Explainer Videos

Explanation videos, like whiteboard animation videos and animated explainer videos, are short-form pieces of content. These typically highlight a business’ product, service, value proposition or idea in an efficient and engaging way. These versatile, flexible short-form videos often use infographics or animated brand elements like logos to help reinforce the business’ service. You can tell any kind of story about your business with animated explainer videos.

Interactive Videos

Users like to interact with brands they follow and relate to. This is why viewing interactive video content allows them the freedom to control their experience. This makes the content more memorable and meaningful.

Social Video Frames

Social Video Frames have become a go-to form of video advertising across social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Recent studies point to roughly 90% of six-second social media ads drive ad recall, as well as a 61% rise in brand awareness. Shorter, user-generated content is on the rise, hence the popularity of these six-second ads. To capitalise on their potential, storytelling and editing need to adapt to fit the right video messaging in a very short space of time. 

Above is an example of a Social Video Frame.


Businesses large and small should be updating their blog pages as this serves SEO benefits and establishes brand awareness. Vlogging can take this a step further, with a YouTube channel being an excellent platform to post regular videos onto.

Search Optimised Videos

SEO-optimised video is far more likely to generate first page rankings. Google regularly puts video snippets next to SERP results, which is far more enticing to searchers. Optimising video for organic search requires relevance, consistency and backend optimisation, with clear, relevant goals in place. This is one of the types of video marketing we specialise in, here at Ginger Digital.

Captioned Videos

User behaviours indicate that many people watch and absorb videos, through websites or social media feeds, without even clicking the ‘Unmute’ button. No-sound autoplay is recommended for social media videos in feeds. It’s key therefore to convey your information without the need for an audio track. The video should ideally be captioned or have overlapping text as context for your video.

Below is an example of an animated video with captions.

Live Stream Videos

Live video’s popularity soared as the COVID-19 pandemic halted in-person events and experiences, as brands needed to continue connecting with customers. As a result, consumer demand for live video isn’t wilting away – if anything, it’s grown. Consumers engage more with live content, with video gaining far more interactions too. To gain a competitive advantage, now is the time to look at live video marketing.

Professional Video Production – the Missing Ingredient

Many business owners and marketing professionals know they need to market their corporate videos correctly and on the right marketing channels. Whether website video, social media video, or paid video campaigns (see PPC video ads), the quality of the video production is often overlooked.

You may know you need to invest in video marketing services, but what exactly will you promote to your various audiences on Google, YouTube or social media sites? Are you sure it’s good enough if you have existing video content?

This is where video marketing experts like Ginger Digital can help. Speak to us for more information.

Video Marketing Review

Video Marketing Chalkboard

At Ginger Digital we specialise in producing paid video marketing campaigns for clients across various sectors. We have a unique and incredibly effective service. This includes creating digital marketing campaigns, often, but not always with video at the heart of those campaigns.

We’ve helped many clients achieve fantastic results through video advertising and production, and we can do the same for you. To see how, why not book a free review with an award-winning video marketing agency today?

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