Why Do You Need Promotional, Corporate Video Production Services?

It’s not unheard of for a small business owner to leave marketing low down on their priority list. This isn’t a criticism – it’s challenging to manage all your day-to-day operation in itself; it’s not surprising that video production and marketing would be considered far later than all the essentials like your bookkeeping, project management and invoices.

What’s more, there is often minimal budget, energy or time for a small business owner to focus on marketing. This is particularly true when it comes to video production for small businesses.

It’s a problem to ignore it in your marketing strategy, and it can compound if you leave it for too long. Everyone needs to grow their business at some point and without an effective marketing strategy, you cannot take that leap into achieving the most out of your business. Video production – specifically promotional video content – is one significant step forward to achieving more from your business. This is in addition to your leads, conversions, brand awareness and return on investment.

What is a Promotional Video?

Promotional videos are marketing tools for advertising your business to your target audience through video. Promotional video production involves curating original video content, usually lasting anywhere between 2-15 minutes. This will promote your business’ product or service (and how you do it) to viewers. The idea is that a small business explainer video is the correct length of time to explain what you do. It will do this in a convincing enough way for people to understand quickly, without boring them.

Every small business can benefit from a promotional video as part of their overall marketing efforts. This can be included on their website, social media, graphic design and so on. You can create several types of promotional video content, and the right choice depends on your service offering, USP and what you want to promote about your business, brand and approach.

Types of Promotional Video

From product videos to whiteboard animation, investing in simple explainer videos can mean the difference between success and failure in marketing. But before you begin scouring the internet for local video production agencies near you, you need to decide what type of business video you think would work best for your business.

Here are some common types of video production services, which the team at Ginger Digital can offer you:
Introductory video – used as a way to promote your business, vision, values and to create a solid first impression.
Instructional (step-by-step) video – showing customers how to use particular products, clear up any misunderstandings, answer FAQs and so on, which lend your business authority and help you stand out.
Product explainer video – these are where you can highlight specific new products (or services) to explain your business model in greater detail.

Personal video – giving your audience a little insight into what you do behind the scenes is good, so they can see how you are different from other companies.

Think about what your target audience will like about your business’ video content. Everyone in your target market will absorb video content differently, just like how they have different reactions to your business. Therefore, you need to use this research and create branded content that will satisfy your audience’s attention span and provide what they’re looking for.

Benefits of Video Production for Small Businesses

You may be wondering, “do I need video production?” – and the answer is yes.

Video isn’t going away anytime soon; it’s here to stay and is set to dominate the online purchasing market for the foreseeable future. In some form or another, be it business advertising and marketing or just generally for people to absorb in their downtime, video is the future. So, from a business perspective, now is the time to take advantage of that.

Here are just some of the advantages of business video production:

They advertise your business while adding value to your audience.

Video works for new and established businesses.

Incorporating video into your website accomplishes other marketing goals, such as your site’s SEO, user experience and click-through rate.

Unlike standard television ads, a promotional video is accessible whenever people want to view it.

It’s wholly tangible and flexible – you can create almost anything with video.

It supports your greater marketing goals.

They can be distributed in Google Ads, social media ads, YouTube ads and so on – which Ginger Digital can also help with.

Promotional Video Production Company

Your small business marketing may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. You can enjoy excellent promotional videos with the help of a professional, experienced digital marketing company such as Ginger Digital.

We’ve helped small businesses grow and expand with the help of professionally produced video, and that’s been subsequently distributed across Google and social media to more of their target market. We can create the same for you; just give us a call!

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