5 Reasons You Should Use Business Website Video

If you’re looking at ways of improving your business’ website and online presence, you may want to consider investing in professional video and video advertising. Corporate videos, animated explainer videos and case study videos (to name just a few) all add tremendous value to your website and your broader digital marketing strategy.

Ginger Digital is an experienced video production agency offering a wide range of services ranging from whiteboard animation to on-site video services. We also specialise in running paid campaigns on Google Ads, social media and YouTube to promote your business, so you’re getting added value with professional video marketing and advertising on top of that.

We’d be remiss in our duty as a video production company not to recommend website videos to you and why they’re a tremendous investment.

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Improve Your Website with Professional Videos

For a business, your website is one of the greatest marketing tools at your disposal. When your customers come across your website, you need to ensure that your content appeals to them while describing what you do, how you add value and what makes your business unique. In many cases, companies invest in website videos that can be produced in several ways, what works best for them depends on what they do and their target audience. That often determines how that video should be produced.

From a consumer perspective, every person is surrounded by videos. When looking at social media feeds, ads or websites, people consume videos almost absent-mindedly and constantly. If anything, video advertising is becoming more sought after as it’s an excellent way to grab your customers’ attention (provided, of course, you’re using those first few seconds wisely!)

Using videos on your homepage can be an excellent way to make it more interactive, drive clicks, improve user experience, reduce bounce rates, and much more. Regardless of your aims with your marketing strategy, high-quality business videos are the crucial missing ingredient. However, creating your own videos for the sake of it (without thinking about your aims, targets and audience) may only be time-consuming and have minimal effect. Instead, you should rely on advice and guidance from a video production company.

In the meantime, we’d like to tell you why adding video to your website is an excellent use of your time and budget.

Reasons to Utilise Website Video

1) Videos are great at telling your story

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People need information to make an informed decision and engaging video content – which tells a unique story – is a great way to do that. Video storytelling, where the viewer can immerse themselves in the narrative, is an excellent way of demonstrating your business’ product or service benefits.


2) Videos keep people on your site for longer

Short and informative case study videos or whiteboard animation videos keep people engaged with your content. People are more likely to stay on a website page with video than sites with just text and images. This also sends a positive message to search engines like Google, essentially proving that dwell time on pages is stronger with online video on there.

3) Video helps people get to know you

Animated explainer videos are great at explaining why your product or service works well, but the crucial ingredient is having people feature in your video. Showcase your product but also your personality and lifestyle, which aligns well with your product and your greater company. Strike that personal connection with your audience.

4) Videos keep people interested

You can visually showcase your product in a small amount of time, so do so in a way that keeps your audience engaged throughout the video. Your video has to be captivating for them to stay and watch all the way through. Also, in doing so, they can learn more about your company and products. If executed right, corporate video production can work in your favour.

5) Video is just convenient for everyone

People are short on time – that much is evident at this point. This particularly applies to busy business owners with many important decisions to make. Video can get your point across quickly and evocatively, engaging potential customers who otherwise wouldn’t have hours to spend researching, calling and scheduling appointments.

Website Video Examples

Here are some examples of great video content the team at Ginger Digital can curate for you:



Free Video Marketing Review

Whatever you want to accomplish with video production and subsequent video marketing, the Ginger Digital team is involved from start to finish. We will work diligently to ensure your business video content will stand out from the competition, encouraging your target audience to take decisive action promptly. We’ll also consult on the brand messaging, vision and execution of that vision.

For a no-obligation call to discuss your video marketing strategy, get in touch with us today!

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