How to Use Video in Your Sales Funnel | Video Marketing Tips

Video isn’t just a decoration for your website!

Have you thought about using video at the different stages of your sales funnel? We’re bringing you a series of video marketing tips on ‘How to Use Video in Your Sales Funnel’!

Different videos are suited for different stages of the sales funnel; think of it the same way prospects would be sent different marketing materials at different stages of the sales funnel.

What types of video can you use?

As prospects start to move further through your sales funnel, different types of content is required to keep them interested and moving further down through the funnel.

Video can be incorporated all the way through your sales processes and the right type of video can help your business both gain and retain customers by providing them with content that will help them when they need it.

The further your prospects move through the sales funnel, the more trust they begin to build with you and your company – and they are more likely to become more receptive to watching longer, more detailed videos.

Introducing 6 Video Tips on How to Use Video in Your Sales Funnel

You can expect our Video Marketing Tips to touch on:

1. Developing a video marketing strategy
2. Attracting leads with video
3. Educating and interesting leads with video
4. Justify, convert and close using video
5. Continuing to delight customers using video
6. Turning your sales funnel into a cycle using video

Here’s an introduction to our series of video marketing tips – watch this video to see 4 initial questions you should ask before starting a video project.

If you’re considering using video in your sales funnel, there are 4 questions you initially need to think about:

– Where in my sales funnel will the video live?
– What stage of the funnel will the video be used for?
– What will someone do after watching the video?
– Will this video succeed in moving someone closer to a sale?

Check out Tip 1 here!

You can also find video examples over on our gallery.

We hope you found this blog useful. If you have any comments or questions on how you can use video in your sales funnel, please feel free to get in touch.

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