How Video Boosts Email Open Rates

Our email inboxes are flooded with emails every day – an average of 90 business emails are received each day! As marketers, we are constantly trying to think up new ways to increase the chances of our own emails being opened and viewed.

Have you considered using video in your emails to help boost your open rates? If your answer is no then perhaps Hubspot’s statistic will help convince you: ‘including video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates’.

Email click-through rates

Email click-through rates are crucial in helping you establish the status of the relationships you have with your clients and prospects. If someone isn’t clicking on your emails, the chances are they are probably not engaged with your content.

If your email open rates and click-through rates are poor, it’s time to start thinking about why they aren’t appealing to the people receiving them. 

You need to consider what you need to change in order to make your emails more appealing to your target market. Either that or stop sending them!

You can find benchmark figures online to help you identify how successful your email marketing is.

email open rates

Why email prospects and customers?

Perhaps start by thinking about the reason you email your prospects and customers. Emailing helps to keep them:

– Engaged with your company
– Up-to-date on new products or services you are launching
– Informed about new projects you are starting

Sending regular emails help maintain contact with your clients and customers. This keeps your company fresh in their mind; you’re sending them reminders of who you are, why they need your products or services and why they should use your company.

Adding video into emails helps build trust. Emails build trust with new contacts and also helps maintain your relationship with prospects and clients. Use video in email communication to educate, advise and entertain the readers.

email open rates

How we use video to boost email open rates

We regularly use video in our email marketing in order to keep in touch with our connections, prospects and clients.

We send out regular emails which include videos such as ‘How to videos’, videos about new products and services and recent videos we have produced that will be of interest to them.

The key to getting your emails opened is to tell the reader in the subject line, that there is a video in the email. Once they have opened the email, use an eye catching thumbnail to encourage them to click on and watch it.

Here’s an example of a thumbnail we used for an exhibition video for a manufacturing company:

Ideas of what to include in your emails:

– Staff events
– Internal communication videos for team members
– How-to videos
– New projects, products or services
– News related to your industry
– Advice about new products or offers launching

email open rates

Measuring and monitoring the impact of using video in your emails

It is paramount that you monitor the impact of your emails, including the video. This makes sure that your readers are opening them, and more importantly, interacting with them.

You can use the analysis to find ways of improving your emails. You can give the readers/viewers more of what they are interacting with.

We hope you have found this blog about using video to boost email open rates useful. Hopefully it will have given you an insight into how video can boost open rates, as well as a few ideas about how you can consider using video in emails.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

If you’d like to see some examples of the videos we have produced, visit our Video Gallery.

Or check out one of our other blogs on How Video can boost website effectiveness. 

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