How can a Video Production Company Benefit your Business?

For businesses to stand out in today’s digitally-dominated landscape, they need to make excellent and efficient use of video content. Not just to highlight their services and products, but to convey their messages and information to their customers. Video production is arguably the most effective way to do that. 

Video marketing is a vital component of a business’ digital marketing strategy. If it isn’t already a part of yours, now is the time to invest. If you want tangible results and professionally curated video content it makes sense to speak to a video production company. Here, we’ll explain what a video production agency can do for you. We’ll also explain what they can create and why the investment will pay off positively.

What is Video Production?

Video production is another word for creating video content. Whether this is a video shot on a smartphone, a whiteboard animation video, a static recording from another screen, or anything in between. However, corporate or business video production involves far more than just curating content. 

Working with a professional agency that specialises in producing videos for businesses, means you’re getting tailored content that’s serving a particular purpose. Companies turn to corporate video experts like Ginger Digital to create content that engages their audience, develops their brand, conveys information, tells a story and generates leads and sales.  

So we have to change our perception of video production as merely being something anybody can shoot from their phone and edit.  Professional corporate video marketing involves curating original content, in various formats, with each piece serving a unique purpose.  Not just that, but the content has to be geared towards that business’ target audience. Video production agencies will need to spend time identifying those touchpoints that will generate interest from that audience.  

Video content is excellent for businesses to utilise if they want to promote themselves on their websitesocial media, Google and YouTube. They can promote themselves in any or all of the following ways: 

Types of Video

Product explainer videos

Video case studies

“Meet the Team” videos

Whiteboard animation videos

Promotional branded short films

Product or service descriptions

Conference or event video shoots

On-premise video interviews

Training and e-learning videos


The above list isn’t all that’s possible with video production and marketing.  Ultimately, the possibilities are endless, but you need to consider what your audience will digest from watching your video(s). Your production company can create original content that ticks several boxes for what you want to achieve. In addition, they can advise on the right type of video that will work for your organisation.

Advantages of Hiring a Video Production Company

As said earlier, video production isn’t just the remit of anybody with a Snapchat or TikTok account. Professional video companies like Ginger Digital specialise in creating certain types of content for businesses in different industries and sectors. Therefore it’s worth exploring the types of video advertising we can help you with, to achieve the results you want. 

In general, hiring a professional company will bring you several benefits. 

1.They’ll have a team of experts who can convey your brand’s nuances through targeted video content that resonates with your target customers.  

2. They’ll produce videos with your goals and objectives in mind.  This will, in turn, mean the videos will be more closely aligned with driving conversions, sales, brand awareness, or whatever you’re trying to achieve.

3. A video production company will have a plethora of high-quality equipment.  This will give your video content more substance and value than a smartphone camera.

4. Agencies will typically be well-versed in executing video PPC campaigns that help your videos reach more of your target audience. Video ads on YouTube and Google help draw more eyes to your business.

5. If they’re good at video production, they’re usually well-versed in video marketing campaigns across social media channels.  This means that your video marketing strategy can be consistent in Facebook AdsTwitter AdsLinkedIn Ads and so on. This means you’re gaining traction in your social media marketing as well. 

6. Without generalising too much, people would generally prefer to watch videos than read content (ironic considering this blog). 

Video Distribution and Production Combined

Interested in finding out more about Ginger Digital’s expert video production and marketing services? Get in touch with us. With any client, we take a transparent and proactive approach to video campaigns.  We can create that winning content and distribute it in ways that are going to maximise your ROI. Speak to us to see how we can help your business today. 

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