What Makes a Good Animated Explainer Video?

Creating high-quality, relevant animated explainer video content can take considerable time and effort to perfect. Plus, without knowing the do’s and don’ts of video marketing and video campaigns, are you fully aware of what makes an animation video suitable?
In this guide, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about creating whiteboard or corporate explainer videos. We also show you what to look out for when creating them. Firstly, however, it’s vital to understand what an animated explainer videos are. The definition is sometimes ambiguous.

What is an Animated Explainer Video?

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Explainer videos are pieces of video content, usually lasting anywhere between 30 seconds and a couple of minutes. They can take many forms.

The idea of a corporate explainer video is almost a digital equivalent of an elevator or sales pitch for that company’s product(s), service(s) or USP. 

Here at Ginger we produce explainer videos in-house. Drawings are planned, hand-sketched and edited into the video format. You may be familiar with the term whiteboard animation video for such examples. 
These videos can be used on websites, landing pages, email campaigns, and PPC campaign ads on Google and YouTube. They also make excellent material to use in social media marketing campaigns across channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

What to Know Before Creating Animated Explainer Videos

How do you go about creating an engaging explainer video that’s optimised and will fit in well with your video marketing strategy?

The truth is while you can search the web for secrets and tips for video marketing, there is conflicting information out there. For best results, consult with an experienced, professional corporate video production company and video marketing agency. Preferably one company that can do both (hint: that’s us at Ginger Video!)

To help, we’ve created a small list of what to do before making explainer videos:
1. Firstly, figure out the ideal video length for your particular social media channel or distribution channel.

2. Use captions and ensure they are automatically triggered once the video begins playing in people’s feeds.

3. Landing page and website videos can be compelling as long as they don’t overload viewers with information that scares them off. Keep your video content short and straightforward.

4. Ensure that your video content is optimised for mobile search, that’s where most people will be looking.

5. Don’t forget about your call to action (CTA). Whether this is to get viewers to subscribe, click a link, contact you, or anything else in between, your CTA should be clear and concise.

6. Check your metrics in Google Analytics to ensure you’re clued into what’s working and what isn’t. These goals should be set up correctly and align with your strategy.

Creating an animated explainer video marketing funnel is relatively straightforward when you partner with a video production and marketing agency that can teach you how to maximise your return with video and how it can promote your business.

Animated Explainer Video

Guidelines for Creating Animated Explainer Videos

In a general sense, video marketing should align closely with your entire digital marketing strategy. Animated explainer videos can appeal to your target audience at various stages of your funnel. The video content serves each viewer a purpose whether they are researching, considering, or close to converting from you. 

You may have to think carefully about creating unique video content for viewers that fall into each of these categories. Content geared towards pushing customers over the line may not work as effectively for people who have never interacted with your website or landing page before.

Animated explainer videos are tangible, flexible and versatile. They’re also easy to watch and engage with, provided that the content is targeted the right way for the ideal audience.

Here are some general guidelines that Ginger Digital would recommend you keep in mind when curating explainer videos:

* Think about your message. Don’t let it get convoluted and lost in a sea of impressive animations that don’t serve a purpose. You will lose your customer if you don’t grip them within the first few seconds of the video

* Animated visuals should be easy to digest. They should also be well-presented and follow closely with the narrative without distracting the viewer

* What are you trying to pitch with each video? Each one should have a purpose and be easy to understand

* Use each video to tell a story as you would if you were talking to someone face-to-face. Does it match your business and brand tone of voice?

Strategy key

Assistance from an Experienced Video Production and Marketing Agency

Working with a professional animation video company that can assist you and guide you in the right direction will ensure you get the best results.

The most successful explainer videos are brief, straight-to-the-point and precise. But will they actually convert? If you’re not sure, this is where Ginger Digital’s expert advice and guidance can help you.

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