Why Video Advertising is Important in Paid Media Strategy

Whether you’re working with a digital marketing agency or handling marketing in-house, the importance of video cannot be overstated. It’s likely that, at some point, you’ll have been privy to a conversation around the importance of using video advertising in your paid media strategy.

Video marketing has grown in popularity over the years and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. You may have come across articles or white papers around integrating video ads into your social media or PPC marketing campaigns. If you (rightly) recognise the value and benefits of using video ads, that’s great! If you don’t realise the tremendous advantages of video ads, it’s time to read up on them.

But it’s one thing just knowing their significance and value; the real trick is how you distribute them. If you’re distributing ads in the right way, you’re onto a winner, and that’s where Ginger Digital can help you.

Why use Video Ads?

While video ads are vital to have, unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that they are challenging to create. Also, without the proper strategy behind them, you may end up creating video content for hours that ultimately doesn’t resonate with your target audience well enough.

If done right, video advertising can be highly effective across your entire digital marketing hemisphere. You can integrate video ads across channels like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, X (formally known as Twitter), LinkedIn and Google.

The reality is that video marketing plays a vital role in:

  • Securing the attention of your target audience quickly
  • Highlighting what you do
  • Explaining your products and services in detail
  • Making valid points
  • Addressing customer issues and questions
  • Giving your website or landing pages some substance
  • Drawing attention to incentives or calls to action

We could go on about the benefits of video, but you can read more about them here. What’s more, to execute the perfect video advertising strategy, you need to ensure your video content is fit for purpose.

What we mean by that, is that the video needs to convey your nuances, message and address specific goals. You need to have these firmly ingrained in your strategy before you begin pushing your video ads as Facebook ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn ads and so forth.

Importance of Video Advertising

Without properly strategising your video content, you’re missing out on tremendous opportunities. How successful is a video marketing strategy with ineffective, complicated video(s) that aren’t appropriately targeted?

Below are just a few examples of why you can’t afford to lose out with poor video.

  • Video ads perform better than static ads on social media platforms.

Video content drives a higher percentage of CTR (click-through rate), conversion rate and ROI than static ads on Facebook and other social media outlets. To capture your users’ attention as they scroll through their news feeds, use video ads. They are much more likely to stand out and reach the right people with proper targeting.

  • Without video, you miss out on potential customers on YouTube.

YouTube is an excellent platform for your ads to be seen and is a very advertiser-friendly platform. YouTube stands out, offering higher percentages of viewability than display ads, as well as ads shown on other platforms. The real winning strategy here is to tap into all possible avenues for maximum exposure, but you can’t generate much on YouTube without video.

YouTube PPC Ads. Video Advertising

  • You can use it wisely to educate your audience.

We’ve explored this previously, but specific product explainer videos, service description videos, whiteboard animation and so on make excellent solutions for educating your customers. People crave video content for education, and your business should capitalise on this ever-increasing trend. Use video to teach people about your products (or better yet, show them in action), generate interest with video case studies or testimonials. The opportunities are endless.

  • There are many avenues to create the perfect video.

Videos make excellent opportunities to experiment with creativity and establish your brand. The question of how to create good video content remains popular, though.

If you’re working with an agency, there is a chance they may offer video production or creation services. Or they may partner with video marketing agencies like Ginger Digital.

While we can’t stop you from trying to make your video ads yourself, the truth is that they eat up time, resources and budget which are all limited. Why not speak to Ginger Digital instead?

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Partner with a PPC and Video Marketing Company

Ginger Digital are experienced video production and marketing specialists who create the content and distribute it effectively on all social media platforms and Google. With us, not only will your videos be properly shot and edited, but you can have total peace of mind knowing it’s going to reach the right people, courtesy of a team that does it professionally and proactively.

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