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Online videos are amazing, whether they’re short or long, adverts on YouTube or Instagram autoplays. For a business, they mean engaging and interactive marketing. For a social media user, they allow a different medium for creativity. There are thousands of uses of videos. A few seconds is all it takes to catch someone’s attention, after all! And for many years now one particular type of video has been popular with business owners, with thousands of businesses producing them every single day. But what are Talking Head Videos and why are they becoming so popular?

Explaining Talking Heads

Talking Head Videos are a quick and effective way to share a message with your target audience or your following as a whole. They are, quite literally, a video which shows the upper body of your spokesperson, who will stand and speak for the duration (or most of the duration) of the video. They may have something going on in the background behind them, like a demonstration of a product, film reel of a production line or some slides showcasing the figures they’re talking about, or they may just be against a blank background. If this sounds boring, you might not be looking at the whole picture.

A talking head presenter needs to be engaging, emotive, and they need to be comfortable in their position. They may be the founder of the business, or someone who is very involved with the business, so that they can showcase their knowledge and expertise to its fullest. However, you may also find a professional presenter is a great alternative.

You can produce basic videos around your business, who you are and what you do, or you could opt for more specific videos that target products, services or target markets in a more defined way. They are one of the more flexible types of video marketing to create, and one of the least resource intensive too.

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Why Talking Head Videos Are Useful

Talking Head Videos can be used at almost any stage of the customer journey, for almost any purpose. For example, if you use them to build brand awareness, they inform and educate people about your company. Placed on a landing page, they develop trust in your business, encouraging customers to buy. Used as part of an email marketing campaign, they can increase conversions, or be sent to customers after a purchase to explain how they can get the best from the product or service they have just invested in. They’re also effective when blended with other forms of video content (another reason they are one of the most flexible types of video), such as Explainer Videos or Product Demonstrations, where they can be used to explain business concepts or product features within a demo to build authenticity and trust.

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Tips For Creating Great Talking Head Videos

Be A Presenting Head, Not A Reading Head:

We’ve talked before about the fact that scripts, while an essential part of preparing for a video shoot, should not be used as a crutch. So, learn your script well! This approach means you will know the main points you want to cover and even some of the phrases you want to use, but you will present the information in a more natural way, which is much more compelling for the viewer.  Here at Ginger Digital, we have an autocue we set up, which will allow you to read the script without looking as if you’re reading it.

Spice It Up:

There are a number of ways we ‘spice up’ a Talking Head Video to make it more interesting and engaging for your viewers. For example, we use multiple camera angles or camera movement techniques, we can add animation or motion graphics onto the background, or even film them in an interview-style to reinforce your message. In addition, we can also include some B-roll footage to add context and dimension to your video!

Use A Professional:

Of course, with modern technology being what it is you could easily create a Talking Head Video using nothing but your phone. But we don’t recommend that. A professional video production company (like us) will be able to capture great footage for you in a fraction of the time, and with very little effort from you. In fact, a couple of Talking Head Videos can be shot in 2-3 hours.

At Ginger we love working with businesses to make Talking Head Videos that stand out from the crowd. Our range of promotional video packages provides full end-to-end video solutions, from storyboarding and scriptwriting through to filming, editing and delivery. If you would like to know more about our Talking Head Videos, or see some examples, just get in touch with the team today.

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