Advantages Of Animation Video And How To Make Full Use Of It.

Animation video is probably one of the most overlooked, underappreciated types of video there is. That’s why we thought we would shed some light on the subject with this blog where we talk you through the most prominent advantages of animation video and how you can harness its power!

Makes Understanding Easy

Animation is really powerful if your product or service is difficult to explain and is therefore much easier to demonstrate using images and graphics instead. A picture can speak 1000 words after all especially if that picture is set to engaging music and has bright moving parts to it!

Watching a product being broken down into its individual segments or features and then put back together explaining the process, could make the understanding element of your product so much easier to grasp than you initially thought.


Consistent Content

Animation Video is probably one of the easiest forms of video content to produce that is 100% consistent. This is all down to the fact it has no ‘time eating’ uncontrollable variables. For example, if you want to film a product that is to be used outside… the weather could be a problem when filming, however this is not an issue with animation!

Noise could be another factor that is uncontrollable, let’s say you wanted to film in a small office where lots of people work. You would either have to talk over office chatter, find a new space or try to keep everyone quiet for each take of video. This may not be as easy as it sounds… but having a voiceover for an animation makes getting a clear presentation of a script effortless.

Even styles and trends that may not resonate with your target audience could be an issue. If you don’t have a uniform or strict dress code in a large office, getting shots of said office that may appeal to a target audience of high profile buyers may not be possible, but with animation video the characters can wear anything you want!


Another advantage of animation is that it is totally flexible! This means if you have an animation video produced a year before your company goes through re-branding… it would be easy to re-edit the videos to fit the new brand guidelines.

This is also great for when styles and trends change within your target market. If this does happen, changing colours or styles of clothing can be re-edited without having to re-film the entire video over again. This also means that your video can also stay up to date! Plus it won’t age as fast as a live action/ filmed video may.

Graph up

Limitless Creativity

This is a more obvious advantage of having an animation video … imagination is your only boundary. This results in your videos being as crazy and out there or as close to reality as you would like.  Animation video gives you the freedom to take the vision about advertising your product/service and make it into a reality.

It also makes looking at larger products or more niche products more engaging and easier to comprehend.

If you’re thinking about investing in animation video and this blog has resonated with you then feel free to call our office to speak to one of our team about how we can help you. Or head over to our video gallery page to see some of our work! While you’re there you can also discover what our clients have to say about working with us here at Ginger Digital.

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