8 Reasons Why Corporate Events Need Video Production

If you’re a business owner planning on exhibiting at a conference, expo or large-scale corporate event, you need to consider using professional video production services, if you aren’t already.

Corporate video production is a must-have for your next event. Using an experienced, reputable video production agency during your next event can make an incredible difference, and this guide is here to tell you how and why.

Corporate Event Video Production

Recently we had to endure many months without social and business events due to the prevalence of COVID-19. This past year saw a phased return to events. Many companies rightfully saw the opportunity to take advantage of professional videography to mark their return to events not held on a computer screen.

In many ways, professional video production showcasing a business at an event is only fitting if you want to make an emphatic impression on your target audience. If you’ve got a forthcoming event to prepare for in 2024, consider hiring a video production agency like Ginger to mark the occasion significantly.

While you could consider filming the video yourself, unfortunately, without the help of an experienced video production company, your videos may not reach their full potential. There are numerous other benefits of video production for events, and we have outlined these below, which will hopefully give you some insight into how powerful it can be for your business.





This is a showreel of different conferences we have produced. It highlights the kind of work we can do and how we can edit events videos into short promotional videos perfect for social media.


8 Advantages of Event Video

Event video improves your brand image.

Video production is a versatile and marketable solution that has the potential to express your brand personality, values and culture in many different ways. A corporate event is a perfect opportunity for promotional video production to demonstrate your business to prospective clients or employees.

Videos can be repurposed into future marketing material.

If your business directors, employees or stakeholders attend, host or exhibit at various events year-round, part of your role would be to create a stir to get your attendees interested. Using ready-made business videos from past events makes marketing your forthcoming event(s) more straightforward.

Event videos engage your attendees.

Business videos can be used flexibly at various stages of event marketing. It can work at generating interest, but is also suitable for post-production, ensuring your attendees don’t forget who you are once the event’s over.

Professional video can tell a story.

An event is an excellent opportunity to tell a story through professional corporate video production. Whether you’re demonstrating your wide-reaching knowledge at an exhibition or making a positive difference at a charity event, your video is crucial to how you subsequently market yourself with the finished product.

High-quality videos reflect well on your business.

It can be tempting to save marketing budget and create a video in-house, but doing this will likely mean the finished product lacks the quality you’d get from video production experts. Sadly, using amateur video can reflect poorly on your business, with clients more likely to view your business as an amateur for such production. Therefore, it makes sense to maintain your high standards by choosing a reputable video agency and leaving the filming to professionals.

Video production teams can edit professionally.

Video quality extends to the editing process as well, which isn’t exactly a quick or straightforward task. Editing requires skill and precision, and if you go with a professional agency, they will take care of this for you, consulting with you on drafts to ensure you’re happy with the final cut.

Videographers will get your video filmed and edited by the deadline.

Running a business requires enough hours and energy as it is, and an incomplete, amateur-shot video isn’t exactly what we all want. True professionals like Ginger always commit to submitting finished drafts by your deadline.

Your videos can be distributed in paid video campaigns across social media, Google and YouTube.

The best part about choosing Ginger is that we also produce professional video marketing campaigns. We’re a full-service video production and video advertising agency, creating social media video ads, Google Ads and YouTube ads, which go hand-in-hand with the video content we produce for our clients.

If you’d like a free video marketing review and discuss the types of video ads we’ve produced before, please contact us directly.

Professional Video Production Agency





This is a video that we produced for a client – Benefex, they hold a conference twice a year for their staff.  We produced 22 videos from a 1 days shoot.


It’s clear to see how beneficial corporate video production can be. If you’re looking for expert corporate video in the UK, get in touch with the video professionals here at Ginger.

Ginger are well-placed as a video agency to film all sizes of events, including conferences. We don’t just send one videographer – we send a team of multiple experienced professionals – and don’t just use a single video camera. We also provide best-in-class audio solutions to ensure your sound is captured effectively while we film, across multiple speakers in various rooms (if required).

If you’d like your corporate event videos to showcase multiple other elements, like audience participation, Q&As, breakout rooms, individual seminars, a tour of the venue, registration process, social elements and so on, we can capture all of this. A full day’s worth of filming – for cost-effective prices – can result in numerous high-quality videos, which can give you plenty of content marketing material to work with.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help.

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