The Essential Guide to Using Video in Your Sales Funnel

Video is a tool with a specific purpose, NOT just decoration for your website. Have you considered using video in your sales funnel?

Using different types of video content at the various stage of your sales funnel will keep your prospects interested and engaged. The right types of videos will take your prospects on a journey and turn them from a prospect into a client. As prospects begin to move further down the sales funnel they begin to build trust in you and your company. They are then more likely to watch longer, more detailed videos.

If you’re considering using video in your sales funnel, here are 4 questions you might like to think about before you read on:

1. Where in my funnel will this video sit?
2. What stage of the funnel will this video be used for?
3. What will someone do after watching this video?
4. Will this video help move someone further into my funnel?

Do you have a Video Marketing Strategy?

Before you can include a video in your sales funnel, it is important that you have a video marketing strategy in place. This runs alongside your regular marketing strategy.

The rewards of a well planned video marketing strategy will be worth the investment.

The Essential Guide to Using Video in Your Sales Funnel

1. Attracting Leads with Video

How do you attract leads?

Your prospects are only just beginning their journey with you and your company when they are at the top of sales funnel. It is important to get it right from the start; this is not the right time to force your products on them. At this point, you should be identifying the problem your prospect may have and show them that you are the solution.

At this stage, you should be using authoritative videos to show your prospects why they should be choosing you over your competitors, and how you can solve their problem. You can use video to guide viewers to your webpage or to landing pages. Using video can personalise a company, it can show that there are real, friendly faces behind a brand.

The key to producing effective videos at the attraction stage is ending the videos with a strong call to action. You are showing the viewers what their next steps should be and moving them through the sales funnel.

2. Generate Interest and Educate

How can video be used to increase interest and educate viewers?

During the ‘Interest’ stage of the sales funnel you should be helping your prospects learn more about your products or services, so show them what you have to offer using video.

It is likely that your prospects are looking for more specific information about how your product or service can help them.

You can initially grab someone’s attention by using a homepage video – this will help guide them through the website and will reduce website bounce rates. By taking your prospects through your website you can show them a range of videos including product or demo videos, educational videos, interactive videos or service videos. They’ll be learning more about your company the further you take them.

3. Justify, Convert and Close

How can you justify, convert and close with your prospects?

Congratulations, your prospects have made it halfway through your sales funnel! It would be a massive shame to lose them at this point.

At the halfway point of the sales funnel you can now use video to reinforce that your company is the right choice; you are the solution to their problem. You can show your prospects how your company was the right choice for other people using Testimonial Videos and Case Study Videos; these are great for promoting your services and how you work.

You can also use FAQ videos to answer any queries the customer may have at this stage. Using video to provide answers to your prospects’ questions in an easy and efficient way, this leaves less time for them to question using your company.

Make sure you present yourself as a 24/7 sales rep for your company and seal the deal with your prospect. You can use video to help discourage any buyer’s remorse – you have already sold yourself as the right choice for them; give them no reason to doubt you!

4. Continue to Delight

Are you going the extra mile for your customers?

You’ve done a good job in turning your prospect into a client, so why stop there?

Many companies stop using video once their sale has been made. Don’t do this – this is nothing but a loss of opportunity to delight your customers and reinforce your brand.

Continue to keep your client engaged with your brand and thank them for their business. You can use instructional videos to resolve any questions or queries that many clients have post sale.

5. Renew

Have you turned your sales funnel into a cycle?

Once your customers are happy with their purchase and are also engaged with your brand, you can turn your attention to selling to them again!

Make sure you keep your clients on your mailing list so that your company can remain fresh in their minds. You can keep your clients informed of your latest offerings with video updates or share new products with demonstration videos – keep them in the loop!

Why not ask your client if they will record a video testimonial for you? Most satisfied customers will be happy to and video testimonials are the most genuine effective way of proving your business’ standards to new prospects.

Don’t forget…

You must not forget the importance of a video marketing strategy when using video alongside your regular marketing strategy. Using video in your sales funnel is really powerful, but refrain from jumping straight in with filming until you’ve set out what you want to achieve from the video.

What are the benchmarks, goals and aims of the video? It is crucial you establish this right at the start of the campaign and can establish the best way to utilise video so you can form a successful video marketing strategy.

You can determine the success of your strategy and campaign by defining various metrics your company will measure, for example:

– Click through rates from the video
– Actions taken as a result of watching your video
– Increase in quality website visitors
– Increase in website engagement time

We hope you found this blog post useful.  If you’re interested in using video in your sales funnel please get in contact to see to see how we could help you.

You can also find a library of examples over on our portfolio.

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