Professional Presenters vs. In-House Employees

We’re putting Professional Presenters up against In-House Employees so you don’t have to. Deciding who to have present your video is an important decision so we can help you make the right choice.

Whether you should use a professional presenter or a member of staff to front your video depends on the type of video you plan on producing; you also need to consider who the video will be aimed at. Both have advantages and disadvantages but it’s necessary to determine which is most suitable for your video.

Your messages should be delivered in a captivating, powerful way regardless of who they are presented by. We’re giving you all you need to know about the benefits and drawbacks and what you may want to consider when choosing the best presenter for your video production.

Professional Presenters

Things to Consider

One of the main concerns people have when considering using a professional presenter is whether it will cause the finished video to lack authenticity. However, this is usually not a problem and would only occur if the presenter is not appropriate to the video’s context.

If the video were a B2C product video, using a professional presenter would suit the context perfectly as it is a great way to convey simple messages. If you are wanting to produce a testimonial video you should avoid professional presenters. Testimonial videos rely on authenticity and honesty.

When choosing a presenter for your video, it is important to choose someone who represents your company’s brand. Remember, this person will be the face of your company. If not chosen well, they could give the wrong impression.

This is a video we produced for our previous website, it used to sit on the homepage. It explains the services we offer and also shows the benefits of using a professional presenter in your video production. It helps guide website visitors through our website by directing them to our services page.

Benefits of a Professional Presenter

Using a professional presenter in your video lengthens the longevity of your production. If you use an employee who then leaves your company, it will significantly reduce the lifespan and usability of your video.

A professional presenter is also ideal for videos where the aim is to entice viewers to make a one off purchase, and where building a long-term brand relationship with the potential client is not so important.

A professional presenter doesn’t even need to front the entire video; they are great for smaller segments too. They could provide the introduction for your video, the transition between different sections of the video or they could summarise all key points at the end.

In-House Employees

Things to Consider

It’s easy to ask Brian from your Sales department to present your video but people are often reluctant to appear in front of the camera. This is in fear of looking awkward. It is true that presenting to a camera is a skill that may require practice but there is no reason why anybody shouldn’t be able to present effectively.

It is important that the skill comes from both the presenter and the videographer; the videographer should attempt to put the presenter at ease.

Even if you plan on using an autocue on the day of the shoot to prompt your staff on what to say, it is always a great idea to hold rehearsals before getting cameras involved. Learning the script can help the presenter sound more natural when they are actually being filmed.

Benefits of an In-House Employee

If you are selling a service, it is better for your own staff to get in front of the camera. This will give your business more personality and allow you to begin building a relationship with your prospects before you have even met.

If you are selling a technical product, it may be better for an employee to explain the technicalities of the product instead of a professional presenter who may not understand them.

Using employees to front your videos can give your production a more genuine feel; both passion and understanding of the workplace will come through. However, this will only be successful if your on screen talent is relaxed and comfortable. It is important they try and be themselves; imagine they are talking to a single prospective client, rather than an audience.

The results:

There are benefits to using both professional presenters and your own in-house employees. It all comes down to the type of video you are hoping to produce.

When working with clients, we thoroughly discuss your video requirements and advise you on the most appropriate presenter for your video production. We can also provide some training to your in-house employees on presenting in front of a camera.

We hope you found this blog post useful. If you have any comments or questions about presenters in videos, please feel free to get in touch!

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