Behind The Camera: Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club

In February 2016 we met with David and Carol Standing from Accordant Partners, a digital marketing agency, regarding a proposed video project for their client; Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club.

In the Office

1st Initial Meeting

We met with David and Carol from Accordant for a discovery meeting. This was to outline exactly what their requirements were.

As part of our 7 Step Video Success Strategy, we discussed what their requirements were in terms of videos and what their aims and goals were. They were already pretty clear about their requirements; by the end of the meeting we had a clear understanding of how we were going to produce 10 videos that would achieve their aims.

What were the video requirements? 

The Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club was holding an event especially for competition winners from the club and required various videos from the event.

We discussed filming the various videos;  testimonial videos with the competition winners, as well as recipe videos demonstrated by ‘The Hairy Bikers’.

The Accordant team had a clear marketing plan in place in terms of how they were going to be using the videos. This included on the website and in social media campaigns alongside Facebook ads. It is crucial for us to know the required aims for videos we are asked to produce, so that we can establish the optimum length and style of videos.

We then developed storyboards for each video and finalised details of the shoot.

The Day Before

The Production Team held their usual pre-shoot meeting; finalising the production schedule, timings and the journey to central London.

The admin team prepared all the additional relevant paperwork we need, such as model release forms and equipment lists. It’s not just about filming and cameras!

All that was left then was for the guys to prepare the equipment.

On the Day

We arrived on site in Central London at 11:30am. The event was taking place at L’atelier des Chefs in Oxford Circus.

It was actually a fantastic venue, but the big challenge for us was that there was no natural light to work with as the kitchens were in the basement. Our team set up, completed the usual risk assessments and testing of equipment and prepared for everyone arriving.

The guests arrived first and then, the Hairy Bikers, Si and Dave. From then on, it was non-stop filming!

The guys began cooking and we got stuck into filming. They were cooking 3 different recipes.

Take a look at the final videos below:

Chilli Salad Bowls, Easy Crispy Chicken and Fennel and Orange Salad

The Hairy Bikers are fantastic to work with, they have huge personalities and of course, are used to working with cameras.

The competition winners did some great interviews with us and were all passionate about the diet club.

It was a brilliant day of filming; there was a great atmosphere during the event, which made it easy to capture the real feel for what the day was about. Everyone really enjoyed the event, this made for some completely natural shots of the competition winners and club members’ excitement, laughter and interaction at the event.

I think everyone enjoyed the day; the competition winners had a memorable time, it was great fun filming with the Hairy Bikers themselves – the food looked fantastic and we got some great footage! The only downside was having to watch them cooking that delicious food all day!

You can see the 10 videos we produced from the day of filming in this YouTube playlist!

If you’re looking for a diet club we’d  highly recommend you check out this one, fantastic food and low in calories:

We hope you enjoyed reading about just one of our many days of filming.

If you’d like to see more videos from the day, you can find a selection of these videos in our video gallery.

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