Remarketing on YouTube: Reaching and Converting Previous Viewers

YouTube’s gargantuan viewer base and easy-to-use interface present a huge opportunity for brands looking to enhance the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Whether a business wants to improve brand awareness or generate more high-quality leads and sales, the benefits of YouTube ads and marketing campaigns are abundantly clear.

Amongst YouTube’s billions of monthly active users are viewers who can qualify as the right types of customers and followers of your brand. However, finding those ideal YouTube audience segments is one thing, but how can you ensure you’re reaching the viewers who are already familiar with your brand? Perhaps these people may have visited your website, interacted with your content, perused your products, but are not quite in that proverbial conversion stage of your marketing funnel, yet. 

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The simple answer to this conundrum would be to keep trying to convince these viewers in the hopes that they eventually convert, right? Wrong. The definition of madness is repeating the same tactic and expecting a different outcome, which is why simply rehashing the same YouTube video ads to your audience, in exactly the same way, without presenting them with any new digestible information, is fruitless.

This is where YouTube remarketing comes into play. By combining your video ads with your remarketing strategy, through a mixture of YouTube and Google Ads, you could be on the verge of reaching very qualified leads and swathes of new revenue streams. 

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing allows you to show video ads to people who have previously interacted with your brand in some capacity. This interaction can happen when someone views your YouTube videos, or visits your website, or performs a certain action. Remarketing and retargeting, as terms, are often used interchangeably, but when it comes to paid advertising, they effectively mean the same thing.

By retargeting these viewers, you can grab their attention again, further cementing your brand, products and messaging in their minds. By remarketing to these people, you can create a more interactive experience beyond static text ads, and connect more directly with prospective customers who may be at an earlier stage of the sales funnel.

Remarketing helps you continue nurturing these viewers and move them further down the funnel towards conversion. As previously documented, understanding your sales funnel is something that will help you define exactly how you remarket your video ads. However, if you need help, Ginger Digital are YouTube remarketing experts, and we have seen first hand how effective remarketing campaigns can be at boosting our clients’ brand awareness and conversions via YouTube and Google, when executed correctly and methodically.

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Powerful YouTube Ads Remarketing Options

There are two main types of YouTube remarketing:

  • Retargeting YouTube users. You can choose to display your YouTube ads to them as either in-stream ads before or during other YouTube videos, or as discovery ads on the YouTube homepage and search results. You can even choose to retarget YouTube viewers based on their activities using the website or app, which can range from engaging with your business YouTube channel or previously watching your ads, or viewing your brand’s content that’s been distributed on the Google Display Network.
  • Retargeting visitors to your website. This process is where you target your audiences based on the Google remarketing website tag, or the audiences that you have created in Google Analytics. For instance, through these Google tags, you can view whether users have engaged with your site but have not completed a desired action, whether that’s making a purchase, signing up to a mailing list, filling in a contact form, and so on. You can then target these visitors with YouTube ads when they are using the website, hopefully helping to drive them back to your site to convert.

Another crucial component of remarketing is creating custom remarketing audiences and tailoring your video ads and messaging specifically for people familiar with your brand. 

These custom audiences would invariably cross over with some existing YouTube audiences, as the remarketing list would have to be cognizant of where these viewers are in the marketing funnel. 

Ideally, you’ll need to create unique, engaging content for those that haven’t yet converted, whereas it might not be necessary for those that already have. You’ll also need to be mindful of sequencing these remarketing ads appropriately, and at the right stages/times of the customer’s individual journey.

Best Practices for Remarketing on YouTube

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Here are some best practices to follow for success with YouTube remarketing campaigns:

  • Tailor your YouTube video ad messaging and offers for audiences already familiar with your brand. Don’t assume that everyone is at the preliminary stage of the buyer journey, and needs to be re-educated about the features and benefits of your products. Focus on the next logical step based on the stage that your audience is likely at, to progress them towards conversion.
  • Make sure your YouTube remarketing ads cater for the appropriate audience at the right stage. Sequence your ads in a logical order; engage your new prospects and people unfamiliar with your brand with engaging and informative messaging to encourage them to find out more. Meanwhile, for those that already have exposure to your brand, create something more fine-tuned that edges them closer towards an inevitable purchase.
  • Continuously test different remarketing lists, creatives, calls-to-action (CTAs), and placements to determine what resonates most with your audience. It’s unlikely that every YouTube remarketing campaign will result in high returns from the outset, so experiment and analyse what has worked and what needs improvement. Measure your ROI regularly and slash any underperforming or ineffective placements, lists, or methods while scaling up ones that are driving conversions. Think of your YouTube remarketing efforts as continual, rather than one-and-done.

Ginger Digital’s Remarketing Successes with YouTube Ads

Here at Ginger Digital, we have leveraged YouTube remarketing to great effect for many B2B clients looking to generate more leads for their businesses.

Below is a case study that demonstrates the wins we were able to achieve for one particular B2B client.  By creating tailored video ads for their custom audiences at different stages of the marketing funnel, we were able to harness YouTube’s flexibility and gain 122 leads within one month

The client converted 14 of those leads, with every deal being worth an average of £8,500.

Spend Conversion Cost per conversion Return on ad spend
£22,936 122 £188 5.18 

The YouTube remarketing campaign was structured as such:

  • Visitors at the top of the sales funnel were shown informative product explainer videos that gave them essential information to pique their interest.
  • For visitors further down the funnel (who were already familiar with the brand and product), promotional videos highlighted tangible benefits and features of the product, which ultimately pivoted the viewers towards converting. 

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Our digital team here at Ginger Digital used our flexible optimisation and testing processes to manage the campaign, which allowed us to refine and adjust it as needed and to target the audiences that were going to generate long-term results. 

Generate ROI for Your Business With High-Quality YouTube Remarketing Campaigns

YouTube remarketing and retargeting campaigns are not easy to master, particularly if you are balancing multiple responsibilities with scaling and growing your business. As an experienced video marketing agency – with an in-house video production and animation team – Ginger Digital excel at creating tailored and creative video content and distributing that in various video campaigns with optimised audience targeting. 

YouTube is a tremendous channel for driving brand awareness and conversions, so don’t let your potential be hindered. If you want to find out how we can help generate wins for your business, get in touch for a free video marketing strategy review.

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