10 Advantages of Using Google Ads for Your Business

Google is the biggest and most widely-used search engine globally, with YouTube (a Google-owned company) being second. Thus, the tech giant has a firm grip on the search market.

With such an expansive presence in where and how people search for information, Google also provides a highly competitive landscape for online advertising. The crucial part is how businesses set themselves apart from the competition.

As a PPC (pay-per-click), video and digital marketing agency, we wanted to use this space to share tips on making the most of PPC advertising, specifically Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords).

How Does Google Ads Work?

Google Ads operates under a PPC advertising model. This means that marketers target – and bid on – specific keywords, competing with other advertisers that have chosen them.

Businesses running PPC campaigns essentially make ‘maximum bids’, the largest sum of money they’re willing to pay for an ad. For more information about Google Ad campaigns and how we, at Ginger Digital, can help you with Google Ads, please refer to our Google PPC service page.

Why Use Google Ads?

There are plenty of benefits of using Google Ad campaigns to drive conversions for your business.

1. Ad Targeting Options

Using Google Ads, your business can target prospects at every customer journey stage, regardless of your industry or sector. Using practical, high-quality post-click landing pages, you can capture your customer information with broad keywords and search terms and run Google Ads retargeting campaigns to draw them back in.

2. Google Ads Campaign Control

Running Google paid ad campaigns used to require a lot of time and effort to be done correctly, but that’s now been alleviated. Working with an outsourced PPC agency like Ginger Digital will give you complete control of all campaigns you run, with the ability to start and end each one whenever you choose.

3. Cost-Effective Campaigns

Clicks can be expensive, depending on the keywords you choose. However, if you find the right long-tail keywords and search terms with the right intent, your budget can be used more efficiently and over a longer period of time. Ginger Digital are experienced in this field and can help you set the right daily budget, maximum bids and maximise your spend.

4. Precise Ad Results

If you don’t know what’s going wrong, how will you know what to improve? Luckily, with Google Ads, your results are very clear and easy to understand. You can even take this further and integrate them seamlessly with Google Analytics to dive deeper into your clicks, impressions, budget, etc.

5. PPC is Faster than SEO

It’s no secret that successful SEO strategies are meticulously planned and effective, but they take time to manifest. When you start with Google PPC ads, you’ll always retain the positions above the organic SERP results. Your ads appear far more quickly than waiting for Google to organically index all your site pages.

6. Google Ads Bidding Strategies

To help you reach specific marketing goals while maximising your budget, you can adopt different bidding strategies for Google Ads.


  • CPC (cost per click)
  • CPM (cost per thousand viewable impressions)
  • CPA (cost per acquisition)

This allows for more granular PPC ad targeting, which should, in turn, influence how you write and structure your landing pages.

7. Potential Audience Reach

Google is the go-to search engine for billions of people worldwide, who are all searching for unique, individual solutions to problems and answers to questions. With the right targeted ads that address their pain points, they’re likely to choose you over a competitor.

8. Understanding Search Intent

Unlike social media advertising campaigns like Facebook ads, Google Ads cater to people expecting advertisements in SERPs. People aren’t always looking to be advertised to on social media, whereas your Google Ads can be customised to help them find an immediate solution to what they’re searching for.

9. Build Brand Awareness

Google Ads are incredibly versatile, often considered valuable brand awareness tools for businesses. Brand recognition is crucial to building trust with customers, which begins by reinforcing the brand name, reputation, personality, tagline, etc. Even if potential customers aren’t clicking the ads in SERPs, they will likely remember specifics in your ad copy, which can prove valuable down the line.

10. Conversion Quality and Quantity

The Google Display Network is immensely competitive, and to stand any chance of succeeding there, you’ll need an excellent post-click landing page. Visitors don’t want to trawl through endless pages to find what you promised them in your PPC ad, so make your landing page count. Luckily, Ginger Digital can ensure each landing page is perfectly optimised for your audience and chosen keywords.


This testimonial kindly provided by James Bryan, Golf Escapes shows how Ginger generated hundreds of new leads with their PPC campaign.

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