Targeting the Right Audience: Strategies for YouTube Ad Campaigns

Success with YouTube advertising is never achieved overnight. However, it’d be hard to argue that marketers could ever hope to create successful YouTube advertising campaigns without proper audience targeting.

YouTube Ads

With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube as a marketing platform offers advertisers plenty of nuanced options for reading specific demographics and buyer personas. However, targeting your brand’s unique video content to the right audience is easier said than done. 

Even if you have a solid idea of what your ideal viewers will be looking for, how can you sift through the various YouTube audience targeting settings to identify and engage those segments? Of all the billions of people that flock to YouTube to be entertained, educated, and influenced, engaging with your brand and messaging in the right way is pivotal for your success in YouTube marketing.

In this short guide, the video marketing campaign experts at Ginger Digital will explore the best practices for effectively and decisively targeting your ideal audience on YouTube.

Why Audience Targeting Matters

YouTube’s platform enables detailed audience targeting well beyond traditional demographics. When you can understand the importance of audience targeting via YouTube, you’ll be able to deliver video ads to the people most likely to care about your product or service (i.e. the people you want to reach and convert). 

If you can successfully reach these people, your valuable marketing budget will be less likely to go to waste on irrelevant and uninterested viewers.

Understanding your ideal customer profile is vital for achieving your YouTube ad campaign goals, whether that’s improved brand awareness, higher numbers of website visitors, or creating more quality leads, sales, and nurturing opportunities. 

Key Targeting Options in YouTube Ads

YouTube video campaigns run through Google Ads as a centrepiece. Through Google Ads Audience Manager, you can target your video campaigns on YouTube as well as Google video partners.

Some of the main ways you can target audiences in YouTube ads include:

  • Demographics Target by age, gender, parental status, household income and other attributes like whether they are in education or own a home. Life events and affinities are specific targeting options that you can combine to reach potential customers at the right time.

  • Interests – Target YouTube channels, topics and keywords relevant to your ideal customer interests and brand preferences. You can fine-tune this in-market audience targeting method by looking at purchase behaviours or research activity, and you can even create custom affinity segments to closely mirror your brand and products.
  • Remarketing – Target visitors to your website or viewers of your videos or other ads, or even those that have reached a certain stage of your sales funnel but have not crossed that proverbial line towards conversion yet.
  • Placement – Your ads can appear in YouTube searches, as in-stream ads, bumper ads, on the homepage, and in other areas. Research what content your audience is viewing to determine the best moments that matter for placing your YouTube video ads. You can target YouTube channels and videos, or websites, apps, or landing pages on sites within the Google Display Network (GDN).
  • Location – Target by country, region, city, radius and other geographic parameters. This is helpful if you’re a local business looking to generate awareness by potential local or regional prospects who need exposure to your brand and products.

  • Device – Target ads to serve on mobile devices, tablets, desktops, or connected TVs or even native YouTube apps within media centres or games consoles.
  • Topic – You can target video ads to specific YouTube and GDN topics and content, allowing you to place your video advertisements on a range of videos, channels and sites related to the topics you find through your research.
  • Keyword – Depending on your chosen type of YouTube ad, you can show your video ads based on keywords (phrases or search terms) related to a YouTube video, channel or related website.

As you can see, there is a plethora of audience targeting methods. This isn’t even accounting for the potential content targeting methods that exist within YouTube and Google Ads.

Best Practices for Targeting Your Audience on YouTube

Every business is different, and finding your ideal audience segment may initially seem difficult. However, following these tips will make your audience targeting efforts as effective as possible, thus paving the way for you to create engaging and revenue-generating YouTube campaigns.

  1. Make sure your video content is immediately attention-grabbing. Whether you are creating animation videos, whiteboard videos, or are investing in professional video production, make sure your dispensed video ad content is relevant and engaging for your ideal viewers. If viewers aren’t hooked within the first few seconds, they will simply either skip the ad, or fail to pay any attention.
  2. Let your specific business goals and ideal customer profile guide your targeting choices. Know who you need to reach before diving into settings. While your products and services may cater to broad audience segments, you will see more tangible returns if you find specific audiences to target rather than cast a wider net.
  3. Leverage YouTube’s detailed audience reports and tools to gain insights and continuously refine your targeting. Launching your first campaigns will present great opportunities for you to refine and readjust accordingly, and determine what has worked and what hasn’t. Look at the data to understand where your future efforts are best placed.
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  4. Test out different audience targeting approaches and combinations. If you have found little success with YouTube keyword or topic targeting, perhaps dig a little deeper into your video ad placement and see whether you find improved success in your next campaign. Measure results to determine optimal targeting.
  5. Combine demographic, interest, remarketing and placement targeting for ideal reach and relevance. The closer you can get to defining an ideal, golden-ticket customer segment to target, and the more irrelevant viewers you can weed out, the more accurate data you can aggregate.

Ginger Digital’s Successes Targeting Audiences on YouTube

Here at Ginger Digital, precise audience targeting has been key to many of our award-winning YouTube campaigns. 

For one of our clients, James Latham, targeting increased website visitors, our video marketing team were able to combine interest, topic, and keyword targeting around relevant customer profiles that we had helped them refine. We also applied this same strategy with remarketing their website visitors. 

In turn, this helped drive a 400% increase in website visitors, as well as £300,000+ in sales within 3 weeks. 

youtube ads

Identify the Right YouTube Ad Audience With a Free Video Marketing Review

In conclusion, consistency and patience is key to finding your ideal YouTube audience. To reach your desired customers via YouTube, test and layer your targeting options in your campaigns. However, the above strategies should give you plenty of food for thought when refining audiences that you can target through measurable YouTube video ads.

If you need help bringing your YouTube video marketing up a notch, let the video ad specialists at Ginger Digital apply our expertise to help you find that perfect audience segment. We offer a no-obligation video marketing review call to understand your current strategy and help devise optimised campaigns that will generate leads, raise brand awareness and help you achieve your business goals. Get in touch with us to find out more

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