5 YouTube Ad Audience Targeting Options You Need to Know

YouTube Ads are a vital advertising tool for marketing your business online

Many are aware of how popular YouTube is, but there are still surprising numbers of business owners that don’t recognise the sheer advertising potential of the platform.

Creating YouTube ads for local businesses is an excellent way to help them stand out and drive traffic to their website, build brand awareness and promote their products or services. 

YouTube Ads

It’s easier said than done, though, considering the competitiveness of your industry and YouTube itself as a platform.

Reaching More Customers with YouTube Marketing Campaigns

If a marketer uses YouTube for social media marketing or PPC advertising, that’s great. But to save advertising budget potentially going to waste, and to ensure you’re executing the right campaigns correctly, you need to think carefully about your audience targeting.

YouTube ad targeting options are important to understand, but luckily, there are some excellent options to choose from which can make executing your YouTube ad campaign easier. Some targeting options are better based on your campaign objective, so you need to bear this in mind before deciding on who your YouTube ads will appear in front of.

To explain some of the most important types of YouTube ad targeting, this guide from the digital marketing agency Ginger Digital should help.

5 YouTube Targeting Options for Businesses

Demographic Audience Targeting

YouTube targeting options let you decide how or where you display your video ads, as well as who receives them.

One of the most effective ways to get started with YouTube marketing campaigns is to consider the best audience demographics. Think about your ideal customer and their traits, such as the following:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Marital or parental status

Research your current customer base and see how specific a model you can create with your YouTube audience.

Targeting Via Consumer Interests

Once you have established the perfect audience demographic, you can take it a step further and examine their interests and behaviours.

Knowing their buying behaviours and what lifestyle they lead can prove pivotal in your YouTube advertising campaigns. The interests worth looking into include:

  • Hobbies and lifestyle
  • Opinions and what influences their shopping habits
  • Reasons for buying

Above is a video created for James Latham for their Carbon Calculator which was run as a very successful YouTube campaign.

TrueView Ads

YouTube ads used to consist of small, non-invasive ads that would appear at the bottom or side of the videos people watch. Nowadays, they can take many forms, appearing at the beginning, end or middle of the video content, sometimes several times. Some ads are skippable and others not, so it goes to show how diverse YouTube PPC ads have become.

TrueView in-stream ads are the skippable ad types, which last between 20-30 seconds, giving you a specific window to inform, educate or entertain your audience.

This YouTube ad targeting is successful because it allows you to focus on features that make your customers unique. Think of what bracket your target buyer(s) could fall into to see how you can make their YouTube advertising experience personable and memorable.

Competitor Videos

When it comes to gaining that competitive advantage and making your brand stand out, YouTube competitor channel targeting helps you target consumers viewing content generated on your competition’s videos. This can help you reach new customers and draw more eyes to your business.

This might sound daunting and risky at first glance, but there are rules to abide by. You can only target Partner Channels, and only if they’re eligible to have YouTube video adverts. If they’ve not monetised their YouTube channel, you can’t place your video ads on their videos.

Search-Based Targeting

If your business sits within a specific niche in your sector, sometimes capturing the attention of your ideal target customer can be challenging. 

Luckily, search-based video advertising can give you the tools to strategically place your video content onto user-generated content based on your audience’s search history.

YouTube Ads

For example, if you sell athletic sportswear and your research shows that your audience is looking for affordable but luxury, high-quality running shoes, you can use this to your advantage. You could potentially create helpful, informative and personalised YouTube video ads to place in videos that return for these types of search terms and queries. 

Which YouTube Ad Targeting Option Should You Use?

Once you begin your YouTube campaign, you can experiment with multiple targeting options to help refine and improve your strategy. 

However, if you’re still unsure about which option you should use, Ginger Digital will be happy to help.

We’re a multi-skilled digital marketing agency with experience delivering paid video marketing campaigns and standalone PPC campaigns on social media and Google Ads. To see how we can create winning YouTube ad campaigns for your business, get in touch

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