What are the Advantages of Using Explainer Videos?

One of the most frustrating elements of researching a business online is not understanding what they do. A business’ website and social media can look professional and have plenty of content and information. Does that always guarantee that everyone who stumbles across it will immediately deduce everything there is to know about that business?

The fact remains that even if you have an excellent site or social media presence, a vital tool to help your audience quickly, easily and effectively understand exactly what you do is an explainer video. This guide tells you how a business can benefit significantly from service or product explainer video content.

Do Explainer Videos Work?

You may already know this, but people love video. That’s not us simply tooting our own horn; the statistics are there for all to see. People are surrounded by video, both during their working day, and usually, for a large amount of their personal time.

Businesses can take advantage of great online video content to reach more of their target audience. Explainer videos specifically, are great at drawing people onto your website, educating and engaging them in a short space of time. Another reason why explainer videos are effective is that the more video you produce, the more likely you are to retain customers. As your business grows, your services tend to expand. If you have highly technical or complicated products, explainer videos mean you can produce more of the same high-quality content for your customers, which makes it easier for them to understand your services.

This is why, at Ginger Digital, as a video production and video marketing agency, we often ask whether you’ve invested in explainer video services before. If not, we encourage you to use them as part of your digital marketing strategy.

What is an Explainer Video?

If you’ve been reading this and are not familiar with the definition of an explainer video, don’t fret! Explainer videos are short videos that summarise your business’ services or products. This helps to educate your target audience and explain who you are, what you do and how you’re different.

There are several types of good explainer videos that you can leverage to match your business’ core offering, branding and unique selling proposition (USP). These include:

*Company overviews

*Product or service overviews or deep dive

*Hybrid meet-the-team videos

*Whiteboard animation videos

*2D or 3D explainers

*60-second snippets

*Short stories or live-action videos

As every business is different, it’s worth knowing what options you have. A corporate explainer video may not work that effectively for a sole trader or small business owner just branching out.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

Regardless of which route you decide for explainer video production, the advantages outlined below can help enhance your marketing strategy.

* They save time – a concise, creative video that lasts 2 minutes and tells your audience what they need to know is preferable for some than pages of content, which is ironic considering this blog post!

* They grab people’s attention – it’s vital to capture your viewers’ attention right away. Luckily, because people prefer video over text, you’re already on the right path. Animated explainer videos, in particular, are great at creating that initial visual appeal (see our whiteboard video animation blog).

* They help a website’s SEO strategy – people are always asking Google questions, and video plays a massive role in helping your site become a great landing spot for answering those questions. Video can help your ranking potential, therefore aiding new customers in finding your business.

* They can be repurposed – one great benefit of explainer videos is how versatile they are. They’re easy to share on social media pages, landing pages for PPC campaigns, as part of YouTube ads, among others. What’s more, a direct link to your video in emails, calendar invites and social media can go a long way.

* They enhance brand awareness – every impression counts for promoting your brand. Videos that showcase your colours, personality, logo, strapline and tone of voice can achieve so many of these. Video marketing campaigns can help you even more.

* People prefer video – while we can talk for hours about the importance of video marketing, this much is abundantly clear: people watch videos, from videos that appear in their Facebook, LinkedIn feed or Instagram Reels to their subscribed YouTube channel’s latest video upload. Video is everywhere – but your business’ video marketing success depends on understanding your target audience’s mindset. If you identify where they are in the buyer journey and provide relevant, engaging content to them, you can increase your chances of securing some excellent leads.

Get Professionally Curated Videos for Your Business

It’s clear to see how a short explainer video, which gives your audience a quick overview of your business, can do so much for your company’s marketing. Don’t leave potential customers in the dark about what you do.

When you’re ready to start professional video production services, Ginger Digital are waiting for your call.

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