How PPC Campaigns can Help Small Businesses

Website traffic is the single most important way of conveying your message to your audience. In an increasingly competitive, saturated digital landscape, your website is one of the most effective ways of growing your brand and standing out among your competitors.  PPC Campaigns can help with this, find out more below.

If you’re running a small business – perhaps with a slightly smaller marketing budget than your industry leaders – Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an excellent, efficient marketing tool that can work for you.  

PPC ads can help SMEs increase their website traffic without burning a hole in their budget. If you’re in that boat, Ginger Digital have created a short guide to PPC marketing and how it can benefit your business.

What is PPC, and How does it Work?


PPC campaigns are digital advertisements that take the form of banners, pop-ups, display ads and other similar format types. PPC ad types are based on keywords, much like modern SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaigns. While SEO focuses on driving organic traffic to your website, PPC advertising is slightly different. Instead of paying for the advertisement itself, you pay for the number of clicks that the ad generates.  

There are different types of Pay-Per-Click advertising, including the following: 

  • Paid ads on search engines like Google 
  • Display ads  
  • Banner ads 
  • Remarketing 

PPC ads are subject to what’s known as the Ad Auction, which Google and other search engines use to determine the relevance and authenticity of advertisements that appear on SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). This Ad Auction acts as a bidding system, where digital marketers bid on the keywords they want to trigger their ads.  

For PPC ads on Google, advertisers need to consider keywords that are especially relevant to their business. This is so they are more likely to receive an ROI from their ad spend.

Benefits of PPC Campaigns for SMEs

Small businesses typically have limited budgets to spend on their digital marketing. If Google Ads and PPC is something you want to pursue, here are some advantages that these campaigns can bring you. 

Quick, tangible results 

Running Google Pay-Per-Click campaigns brings speedy results for small businesses, which is excellent for them. One of the main advantages of PPC is how fast the results can come back, which means that companies can swiftly promote clearances, special events, sales, discounts, limited edition products and so on. For fast results, Pay-Per-Click campaigns are the way to go. 

Audience targeting 

Compared to traditional advertising forms, PPC ads are laser-targeted towards relevant potential customers who are more likely to convert. Focusing on keywords, PPC ads are geared towards these people searching the web for particular products or services, or asking specific questions. With targeted audiences to put ads in front of, small businesses will have more chance of click-throughs and conversions.  


Pay-Per-Click adverts can sync up seamlessly with a business’ other digital marketing efforts, such as social media advertising and SEO. When planning content strategies, businesses should look at SEO and PPC together, as they go hand-in-hand when trying to drive targeted, relevant traffic through. Social media marketing campaigns can also target similar audiences for similar keywords, so PPC is a good indicator of who to target on Facebook, InstagramLinkedInTwitter, etc. 


Businesses have substantial control over PPC campaigns because they can decide when and where their ads will appear. This gives them more influence over targeting their relevant, ideal audience. Once you assess your business’ perfect target market, you can optimise your Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns to increase your clicks, impressions and conversions. 

Contributes to business goals 

PPC campaigns help you achieve your marketing objectives more effectively. It’s a form of advertising designed to align driving site traffic to your overall business goals. Pay-Per-Click is great for driving sales, building brand awareness, lead generation, building customer loyalty, all through initial impressions on SERPs.  


Despite all the above benefits, the core ingredient to a successful campaign is having the right video content. Video advertising is far more engaging and effective than standard ads, and businesses are recognising the impact and importance of accurate, relevant video, which helps them achieve their marketing goals. 

Google and YouTube Ad Campaigns from a PPC Agency

PPC presents numerous benefits and opportunities for small businesses; it targets the correct type of customers at the right time, if executed correctly. Here at Ginger Digital, we are Pay-Per-Click ad campaign specialists who can plan and distribute Google Ads and YouTube ads for your business.  

Video PPC campaigns from Ginger Digital will help you reap the benefits of relevant audience engagement, clicks and conversions. Speak to us today to find out more. 

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