Why Interactive Video is Crucial for Driving Conversions

As you will hopefully know by now, engaging and captivating video content is the key to capturing the attention of your target audience. With the rise of video advertising as a preferred strategy for businesses to adopt, many are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to stand out from the crowd and retain that competitive edge when it comes to reaching more customers and driving conversions.  One such method involves going a step beyond standalone video marketing strategies and there is one that has gained significant traction recently. We are talking about interactive video content.

This short guide will explain the concept of interactive video marketing in a bit more detail, its benefits for businesses, some common and specific examples, and delve into how it can guide users through each stage of the sales funnel. 

What is Interactive Video?

Interactive video is an immersive and dynamic form of content that empowers viewers to actively engage and participate with the video itself. 

Unlike traditional video marketing content, interactive videos incorporate elements such as clickable buttons, questions, polls, annotations, navigational features, and more. 

These interactive elements prompt users to interact, make choices, and explore different paths within the video experience, creating a personalised and engaging journey. Users’ decisions actually influence the rest of the video content (i.e. clicking a specific button prompts what the video will play next). In doing so, interactive business videos can be utilised to understand the crucial, specific pain points or requirements of users. 

Interactive Video

If a business can successfully leverage interactive video content to accomplish these goals, it can retain more control over the specific demographics of customers to target, as well as drive conversions for their company.

What Will Interactive Video Content Give Your Business?

Interactive video offers a plethora of benefits for businesses looking to drive conversions as a result of a targeted and effective video advertising strategy.

To summarise, interactive company videos will:

  • Foster a deeper level of engagement and hold the users’ attention.
  • Create more memorable, personalised experiences for consumers thanks to active participation.
  • Improve the effectiveness of your video marketing messages and reinforce your key selling points.
  • Boost learning and comprehension, as well as information retention.
  • Make for good examples of any type of video content, from animation and whiteboard videos to product demonstrations and service explainer videos.
  • Allow you to nurture your prospects and leads more effectively.
  • Be able to be implemented at various stages of the sales funnel (more on this later).
  • Teach you more about particular segments of your audience, their pain points and specific needs.
  • Give you valuable data and analytics on user behaviour and engagement, tracking clicks, impressions and more to influence how you optimise your content going forward.
  • Encourage your audience to engage with various aspects of your business and content more directly and effectively.
  • In the long run, save time and resources creating standalone animated or video production content that’s not interactive.
  • Ultimately, be responsible for driving more targeted leads and sales to your product landing pages, blogs, website, or social media platforms.

Examples of Effective Interactive Video Marketing

To grasp the power and potential of professional interactive videos, it’s important to look at some real-life examples that our video production team at Ginger Digital have created, as well as some general scenarios when video content could be made more immersive.

  • Product demonstration videos: Viewers can click on interactive elements to explore specific, technical or intricate product features, see detailed explanations or view the product at different angles.
  • Service explainer videos: Explaining complex services is easier through interactive video elements, which can be fine-tuned to address specific queries or needs, allowing the user to understand how a service may benefit them.
  • How-to videos: Taking viewers on a step-by-step journey to completing a task or completing a desired CTA can be a great use for an interactive video, as this can align with your goals of encouraging mailing list signups, PDF downloads, or enquiry form fills.

Interactive Video

  • Case studies or testimonials: Videos are a great way to explain how a customer has benefited from a service or product that your business has provided. Making them interactive allows you to explain certain aspects of that case study in finer detail.
  • Whiteboard videos or animation videos: Whiteboard or animation video content is often aided by textual features, and making these interactive or clickable can create a more entertaining and engaging experience for your users.
  • E-learning and training videos: Interactive videos help viewers to retain information more readily, so by incorporating multi-choice options, quizzes, interactive exercises or clickable options as they are learning will be more effective and memorable for them.

Interactive video production is notable for its versatility and how it can achieve a broad range of marketing goals. Whether it’s a service explainer video that offers interactive features in seven different languages (something we created for international property company Simply Easy Refurbs), or a step-by-step website navigation tutorial for new subscribers (something that the e-teachers at Language Angels needed our help to curate), it’s clear that interactive videos can enhance your audience’s experiences tenfold. 

Interactive Video

 Interactive Video

Please click on the videos above to view two of the Interactive Videos we have created for clients.

How Can Interactive Video Help Users Through the Sales Funnel?

Whatever stage a viewer is at in their buyer journey, incorporating interactive video elements can maximise engagement. As we’ve previously explored, creating a seamless buyer journey is crucial to driving conversions and building long-term relationships with your customers. 

Interactive Video

Whether they are purely learning about your brand for the first time or are considering making a purchase directly, you can use interactive videos to your benefit.

Awareness Stage

Interactive videos can captivate and educate users during the awareness stage by showcasing unique features, highlighting brand values, or providing interactive demos that pique their interest and encourage further exploration.

Interest Stage

Clickable videos allow users to actively explore different options, compare products or services, and make choices that align with their needs and preferences. This interactive decision-making process helps businesses evaluate and consider their audience’s pain points more deeply, allowing them to find ways to build trust and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Decision-Making Stage

Interactive videos can allow customers to delve deeper into the specific product or service offerings of your business and find answers to pertinent questions that they may have. It may even involve the customer exploring various subcategories of products or specific niche services, which can be explained in further video content or in CTAs that point to arranging demonstrations, free trials or arranging phone calls with a staff member.

Action Stage 

Interactive videos, having aggregated all the valuable consumer data up to that point, can provide compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) within the video itself that encourage a direct. By integrating clickable links to webpages, forms, or purchase buttons, businesses can seamlessly guide viewers towards conversion without disrupting the viewing experience.

Professional Help from an Interactive Video Production and Marketing Agency

Do you want to gain specific insights into your audience buying behaviour or increase viewer engagement and conversions for your business? Then you need interactive video content that tells and sells your business to the right people.

Interactive Video

If you’re not sure where to begin with creating and launching interactive videos, then why not book a free, no-obligation call with the video marketing experts at Ginger Digital. With broad experience in sectors ranging from construction to B2B e-learning, along with specialist in-house video production and digital marketing strategies from PPC to paid social media, we know how to make video the crucial centrepiece to your campaigns, creating and launching content that helps you meet your short- and long-term goals.

Our friendly and approachable team will be more than happy to talk through our various options to creating and implementing a scalable and winning interactive video solution that meets your needs.

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