Visual Storytelling Showdown: Whiteboard Animation Videos vs. Cartoon Animation Videos

In today’s era of video dominance, businesses are trying to find innovative, new ways of promoting their products or services, driving conversions and generating brand awareness through video marketing. 

It’s no secret that video marketing is the way forward if you want to communicate compelling messages, engage your audience through effective content and generate leads through your various channels such as your website and social media platforms. 

Many businesses – particularly those in sectors such as construction, manufacturing, engineering and others – find that explainer video content serves a valuable purpose to their audience. However, as opposed to creating standard product explainer videos, many prefer to opt for creating evocative content through professional video animation; whether that be whiteboard animation videos or cartoon animations. 

Video Animation

When it comes to video animation services, two popular types stand out: whiteboard animation or cartoon animation (often referred to as standard animated videos). Each style has unique quirks and characteristics, serving purposes for companies that are trying to communicate particular messages, or for audiences at specific stages of the sales funnel.

whiteboard animation, animation video, cartoon animation

In this short guide, the video marketing experts here at Ginger Digital will compare these two popular types of animation video advertising styles, as there is often conflicting information that describes the two. Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll understand the key differences between cartoon and whiteboard video, their respective benefits, and be able to decide the right type of video animation strategy for your business. 

Differences between Whiteboard and Cartoon Animation Videos

What is Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard animation videos are created by recording an artist drawing illustrations on a whiteboard, which is then sped up and combined with a voiceover or background music. 

Whiteboard video styles typically consist of black-and-white illustrations, with occasional flashes of colour for emphasis, with the animation often showing a hand drawing illustrations, graphics or text onto a white background. Animated whiteboard videos typically suit explainer, educational and storytelling content, aided by their simplicity and ability to convey complex ideas into engaging and easily-digestible content.  Below is an example of a whiteboard animation created for Savience.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

What is Cartoon Animation?

2D cartoon animation videos or motion graphics videos, on the other hand, involve creating characters and objects using a variety of icons and graphics. 

This style of animation video is slightly more dynamic and visually appealing in the sense that it can be more personalised to a brand, allowing for more versatile uses of colour and creative storyboarding. The videos themselves can be used to explain products, services or concepts, as well as brand promotions, product demos and entertaining narratives.  Below is an example of a 2D Cartoon Animation.

Reasons to Choose Whiteboard Animation Videos

  • Simplicity and Clarity

The whiteboard animation style has proven effective at simplifying complex ideas – without compromising on personality of the brand – and delivering them concisely and clearly. The use of simple diagrams, text and voice overs make it easier for the audience to follow along, allowing them to retain more information and intended messages.

  • Engaging Storytelling

Whiteboard video content is versatile in the sense that it can tell almost any story, whether it’s educational, persuasive, or sales-oriented. By visually unfolding a narrative through whiteboard animations, it can keep viewers interested and engaged for longer periods.

  • Cost-Effective Video Production

Compared to other animation styles, whiteboard animation videos can be more cost-effective to produce. The streamlined creation process and minimalist approach reduce the need for intricate, highly-technical designs and complex animations, making it a budget-friendly option for businesses.

Reasons to Choose Cartoon Animation Videos

  • Creative Freedom and Visual Appeal

Cartoon animation videos offer untold creative possibilities, more so than whiteboard animation. With plenty of colour schemes, settings and characters to choose, a video producer’s imagination knows no bounds with 2D animation videos. As a result, capturing attention and building brand recognition is much easier.

  • Versatility and Entertainment Value

The versatile nature of cartoon animation makes them much more applicable and suitable for numerous types of audiences, and can be used to describe services and products more broadly, while clearly communicating a brand’s point of difference.

  • Brand Differentiation

Thanks to the additional liberties you get with animations, you can promote your brand more flexibly by creating unique, memorable characters that represent your brand how you want. Infusing your brand identity and personality into cartoon animation videos can help you stand out from the crowd.

How to Choose the Most Effective Video Marketing Solution for Your Business

Now that you know the unique differences between animation and whiteboard videos, you may be wondering which one is best suited to your business’s next video advertising campaign. 

whiteboard animation, animation video, cartoon animation

To help you decide, we’d recommend following these general rules to make an informed decision.

  1. Define Your Objectives: Start by identifying your video marketing goals and objectives. Determine whether you want to educate, entertain, promote, or explain a concept through the use of engaging video content. This clarity will help you select the animation style that aligns with your objectives.
  2. Understand Your Target Audience: Consider your target audience’s preferences, demographics, and interests, as well as their crucial pain points. In other words, understand what they are looking for and what they would hope to learn by watching your animation videos. As said above, whiteboard animation videos may be best suited for educational purposes, while cartoon or motion graphic animations might be more applicable if you want to create entertaining, social media-friendly video content.
  3. Match Your Brand Identity: Evaluate your brand’s personality and values, which is something that you as a marketer should regularly assess. Choose a video animation style that complements your visual brand identity and resonates with your target audience. Consistency in style and tone will strengthen your brand image.
  4. Budget and Resources: Consider your budget and available resources for high-quality video production and animation services. If you’re looking for a cost-effective video service with minimal resources, then whiteboard animation may be the answer. However, if you have additional video marketing budget and want to leverage the creative freedom of cartoon animation, this could be worth the additional investment.

Ultimately, both whiteboard and cartoon videos have a firm place in your video advertising strategy. Whether you are planning to create a series of paid social media video ads or are looking to grow your audience via targeted YouTube ads, or are simply at the initial phases of establishing your position in your market, both these types of videos can work in your favour.

When you’re considering all of their individual benefits, nuances, and purposes, remember to put your audience first. Will they benefit by having their pain points addressed in simplistic, engaging and easy-to-understand ways, or will they prefer to see a narrative unfold through eye-catching, branded animations? 

Incorporating the right type of video in your digital marketing strategy can effectively set your business apart and engage your viewers in diverse ways.

In this video we show some examples of different styles of animation videos:


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